May 27, 2015

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Hello… guess I have some apologising to do. I am soooo sorry for not posting for a while, but from this blog post you can guess why. During the last couple of months I have been in an absolute frenzy just revising for exams, which is why I have decided to make a lil’ post showing you different ways I use to revise.

1. Mind Maps – These have always been a ‘Marmite’ revision tool (you either love them or hate them) and I usually heavily dislike them but regardless they do help, especially when there is a lot to remember.

20150527_1208112.  Cue cards – Which can contain information or questions, or picture for that matter; whatever floats your boat.These are really handy as they are concise notes and small enough to carry in that packed bag of yours.

20150527_1208563. Writing up / typing up notes – The simplest form of revision, and somewhat underrated. I personally use this the most because it is written in my own words and absorbed in my brain, however that might not work for you. Highlighting can also help.


4. Do something different! – It will be taken in differently in your brain, so hopefully will stay there. Revision does not have to be boring, so make the most of it and try to make it exciting.


I created a timeline to remember all the dates needed in my History exam.

The most important thing when revising is to not put any pressure on yourself, that’s when you’ll panic and struggle. It is also key to take regular breaks because your attention span can only last so long. I hope this has helped to break down this daunting challenge and good luck!

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