Product Review: Casetify Case

May 17, 2016

Hey guys! So a couple of months ago I purchased a casetify case, after a few accidental slips (whoops)! I wanted to ensure I gave this a good trial run before telling all of you my opinion, hence the wait, but here we go!

So for anyone who hasn’t heard of Casetify, it is an amazing website that allows you to customise your phone (Android or Apple), Apple Watch, iPad or Macbook case using your social media platforms or gallery to create a completely personalised case. Or you can choose from the 1000’s of pre – made designs readily available like I did. You can also add any background designs if you prefer as well as the case itself – such as:

  1. New Standard (“Durable hard shell exterior with a soft, impact-absorbing inner layer”)
  2. New Standard Pastel (“Durable hard shell pastel exterior is co-molded with a soft, impact-absorbing inner layer”)
  3. Classic Snap (“is only 2.5mm slim and protects your device from scratch, drops and dust”)
  4. New Standard Backplate (if you already have the new standard case)

I bought a simple cloud case as I still wanted the back of my phone to be seen as that was the reason I got my phone. The packaging I received it in was lovely, simplistic, but lovely. The case was safely enclosed within a polystyrene mould and in perfect condition, always a worry when being shipped from another county (Casetify is an American store by the way).


As I said earlier, I have had this case for a couple of months now, and it’s fair to say I love it. Although its a bit chunky, and definitely not lightweight, I wouldn’t expect it to be because I chose the New Standard case. It is definitely a safety net for accidental slips and drops, which is great for clumsy old me! I also love the idea of an interchangeable back plate, so you can continuously change your case depending on your mood without breaking your purse.


Speaking about price, they are not going to be as cheap as a case on Ebay for sure but these Casetify cases are bespoke and definitely durable. For my case, the retail price was £24.99 but with Unidays, it came down to just over £21.00 thanks to a 15% discount. For those who think it may be a bit steep for a case, the way I thought of it is: “If I am paying over £600 for a phone, why would I spend less than £10 on a case that may not protect my phone in the long run?”  Then the price is justified!

Overall, I think this is a great purchase if you want a highly protective case with a personal element this case is one for you! Hope this helped guys 🙂

*This post wasn’t sponsored in any way, everything was bought with my own money*

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