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November 3, 2016

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Well hello! Today I thought I would try something different, yet lovely. A while back I did the Nursery Throwback post (where I went through some of my artistic pieces 😉 ) and recently saw this tag, where you post throwback photographs according to particular theme. Shout out also to my friend Charlie for reminding me about this concept, your “Bad decisions: Reflecting and Laughing” post was really good by the way. Anyway, below is my tag, feel free to copy it, just tag me please as I want to read them (and admire your beautiful faces)!

Good Morning:


As you can see, I couldn’t quite reach the sink at my grandparents to brush my teeth

Out and About:


Well, when I say ‘out and about’, I mean my back garden. I absolutely love snow, even if I did end up with a cold after building a snowman

A Smile:


It was my 4th birthday – I must have seen the cake

A Special Moment:


My first day of school, rocking the lob sided pigtails



It was not breakfast, but it was surely early enough. Never did I eat the cakes I made though

Nap Time:


The effects of partying all night (and the fact I woke up at 5am to open my presents)

And another one…


I would like to say somethings have changed, but they really haven’t

Play time:


Confession – *I still do this when it is snowing*

And finally… Favourite Picture:


According to my friends this is amusing, however I could not get over the fact the colours ran and I was never able to wear that dress again

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    November 21, 2016 at 2:32 am

    Awwww!!! Such a cute pic 😘

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