Baby Names I Love But Won’t Be Using

July 22, 2017

This tag has been going viral recently, and I absolutely love the concept. For as long as I remember I have been planning my wedding and kids names (even though its a long way off), ticking and crossing ideas as I go. Before I start sharing the baby names I love but won’t be using I just wanted to add a disclaimer that I love these names, hence why I have considered them, but will not work for me – this is just my personal opinion and I don’t mean to cause any offence.



I have loved this name for years – it is short and very feminine. As it is a rarer name, it would be more unique, which made me attracted to the name even more. However, I cannot use this name, because my niece was born 2 1/2 months ago and named Evalena (Evie for short). Although it is a shame I can’t use this name, I don’t mind because Evalena is the cutest little baby.


As Maya is a common name in India, I would’ve liked to have a nod to my heritage by using this name. However I like it spelled “Mya” which is super unique. My main issues however are people pronouncing or spelling it wrong, especially as I would not want to be responsible for my daughter to have to constantly correct them. Also I have a cousin called Maya, and both my aunt and friend are called Mia, which is a similar name.


I like this name as it is feminine and simple, difficult for people to mispronounce or misspell. However, it does have religious connotations which is the reason I wouldn’t use this name – as a non believer it would not be right. I really do like this name though!


Although this is in the list of names I will not use, I might change my mind. This is because Olivia has a sentimental meaning – it was going to be my own name instead of Sophia, but it did not match well with my surname. Because of this, my Dad made my family call me Olivia as a temporary name until they had decided on my own name. Fun fact: I am actually named after my Grandma’s favourite actress, Sophia Loren. The reason why I have questioned using Olivia as a name is purely because it has become too popular and generic – and I prefer rarer names.


This was one of the first names I had set my heart on, its feminine and elegant which I love. The only problem is that I am not a fan of the abbreviations (Vic, Vicky), and I would not want to be that parent that encourages people to only say her full name and not shorten it.


I am a real fan of Irish sounding names, and Aoife is definitely the top of my list. However, coming from an Indian family, this name would be too difficult for many to pronounce, in addition to it not having an English translation – and the fact that I am not Irish.



This is one of those names where I prefer the full name rather than the abbreviation (Max). However, my main concern is that I feel like my son would get made fun out of because his name is Maximilian, even though it sounds super cool.


I am a real fan of this name, and might still use it. I just don’t like that Alexander would be shortened to Alex –  I am personally not a real fan of unisex names, and I would prefer for it to be shortened to Xander, but feel like that just would not happen.


I said I liked rare names, and this is definitely one! It is a name of Catalan decent, with the English translation being Francis. My main concern is pronounciation (Fran – sesk), and the fact that my son would never be able to find his name on a mug.


This name has got particularly popular in the last couple of years, and I absolutely love it. However, my Dad pointed out that it can be read as (Kill Ian) which does not sound as pleasant for a baby boy. Also, one of the translations of Kylian is Churchman, leading to religious connotations, which I am not a fan of. Shame because I really did like this name.

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