Cinnamon Roll Recipe

October 6, 2019

Hey guys! Winter is coming, and I cannot wait for cosy nights in watching cheesy films. What better to join that than a baked good that just makes you feel all warm inside – Cinnamon Rolls. This is a Tesco recipe so credit to them, but honestly it is so simple to follow so I had to share!

You Will Need:

For the buns
300ml whole milk
6 cardamom pods, husks removed and seeds ground
50g unsalted butter
450g plain flour
7g fast-action yeast
50g caster sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs, at room temperature
1-2 tsp vegetable oil, for greasing
1 tbsp demerara sugar
50g icing sugar

For the cinnamon filling
100g salted butter, softened
80g soft dark brown sugar
3 tsp ground cinnamon



Firstly, make the dough – In a pan, bring 300ml milk and the ground of 6 cardamom pods to the boil; remove from the heat and stir in 50g unsalted butter. Set aside to cool a little.

Meanwhile, sift 450g plain flour, 7g fast-action yeast, 50g caster sugar and 1⁄2 tsp salt into a bowl. Crack in one egg, then pour in the milk mixture and stir, until it forms a soft, sticky dough.

Knead – Tip the dough out onto a lightly oiled surface and knead for 10 minutes. It will be very sticky to begin with, but do not add any flour. Transfer the dough to a lightly oiled bowl, cover with a clean tea towel and leave in a warm place for 30 minutes, or until nearly doubled in size.

Roll the Dough – Lightly flour a clean surface and dust your hands with flour. Tip out the ball of risen dough and turn it once to coat in the flour. Using a rolling pin, roll it out into a rectangle measuring 35cm x 25cm.

Make the Filling – For the filling, beat 100g softened salted butter with 80g soft dark brown sugar sugar and 3 tsp ground cinnamon, until softened; spread it evenly over the dough. Starting with a long edge, roll up the dough into a sausage shape, finishing with the seam on top. Stretch it out to 40cm and cut into 12 even pieces, around 3cm long.


Leave the Rise – Preheat the oven to gas 4, 180°C, fan 160°C. Arrange the buns in a greased, deep roasting tin, approx. 35cm x 25cm. Cover the tin with a clean tea towel and leave in a warm place for 30 minutes, or until the buns have puffed up and the sides are touching.

Bake – Beat one egg and brush it over the buns. Sprinkle with 1 tbsp demerara sugar and bake for 16-18 minutes. Leave in the tin for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool.

Mix 50g icing sugar with 2-3 tsp cold water and drizzle it over the buns. Pull them apart before serving.


Expert Tips:

When heating the milk (step 1) only bring it just to the boil. ‘Scalding’ it this way activates the yeast when the milk is poured into the mix, and also gives the buns a softer, more rounded flavour.

Once the dough has been spread with the cinnamon filling (step 4), use your thumb to press the long side, furthest away from you, onto the work surface – this will hold it in place while you roll it up. When you reach the end of the roll, gently lift the dough of the work surface and finish with the seam on top.

When it comes to putting the buns in the greased baking tin (step 5), leave about 1cm between them, so they have room to rise until their sides are touching.

If the buns are browning too quickly (step 6), cover with foil for the remainder of the cooking time.


*This post is not sponsored in any way, credit to Tesco for this recipe*

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    October 6, 2019 at 9:21 pm

    This looks absolutely incredible !! I can see my Dad enjoying a recipe like this so will be sending it on to him x

    • Reply
      Sophia Patel
      October 10, 2019 at 1:21 pm

      Thanks so much, means a lot! That’s great news!x

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    October 7, 2019 at 11:53 am

    This looks as if it smells (and tastes) incredible. Tesco have some excellent seasonal recipes don’t they? I think I will need to try this as well as some of their yummy stews and tray bakes! Your extra top tips are also really useful – especially when things brown too quickly!

    • Reply
      Sophia Patel
      October 10, 2019 at 1:21 pm

      They sure do, I’m always surprised every year! I think I might have to have a look! Thanks for reading x

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    October 16, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    This looks delicious!!

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