A Guide to Buying Christmas Presents

December 16, 2019

Hey guys! That time of year again! I’ve got to admit, I feel like half of December has been committed to wrapping presents, all day every day – the official count is now at 54, with 5 more to wrap, pretty intense for a 20 year old uni student with no job I tell you! There’s always some who haven’t bought anything yet – and do you know what, there’s still plenty of time! so here’s my Guide to buying Christmas Presents:

Start with making a list (and checking it twice)as we all know there is nothing worse than forgetting someone. I usually do this by categorising each person into a household, so it is very difficult to forget someone. Also, always make a note of your budget for each person to stop it getting out of hand – I talk more about this in my How to Save Money at Christmas post.

Shop around. Although a pain in the bum, I know, it is the best way of finding a good deal or a hidden treasure. There is nothing like feeling ripped off or settling for the wrong gift and finding the right one in the next shop.

Building on that, use the internet as a catalogue to find what you want. What you may not see in the shops may be online. This is one of my favourite routes to buying gifts as it stops me from impulse buying and reduces the likelihood of the receiver already having the gift.

Support small businesses. I always find that this increases the season of giving, and it’s simply a nice thing to do. Instead of mainstream gifts, you can find little novelties or trinkets that probably wouldn’t have even been noticed before. Even just online sites like Etsy may have the perfect gift. This year, although not a small business, I got my wrapping paper from Oxfam, and believe me, it was some of the nicest I have used – it was made out of recycled paper and just a nice touch to gifts.

Wrap the gifts nicely. I always find that a present is 10x better when it has been wrapped nicely. Out comes my wrapping box – yes this exists, full of curling ribbon, tissue paper, velvet ribbon and bows to give my gifts that personal touch. It also does not make it look like their gift was a last minute thought, but something that has been planned for months.

Buy something thoughtful. With Christmas, many assume it’s the season for big grand gestures, yet a smaller, and more personal gift can do wonders. Instead of saving to buy just another gift – think about creating one, or forming a memory that can last a lifetime.

Hope this has helped! If you have any more ideas comment them below!

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