Blogger Checklist When In Lockdown

April 16, 2020

Hey guys! This far into lockdown, I am sure you are getting concerned about what to do with your time. For me, not having things to do drives me nuts, and I need to push myself to write a blog post (there’s always that seed of doubt that no one will read them). So I have made myself a list of things to get done – I hope they help you too!


  • Schedule as many posts as possible
  • Read through posts you haven’t got around do
  • Work on SEO – make sure each post is filled with links
  • Update plugins
  • Catch up on blog comments
  • Change your theme
  • Make sure all contact forms are working
  • Go through emails and clear out blogger spam
  • Make sure all pages on blog are working


  • Join an engagement group
  • Try to follow more bloggers – set yourself a daily target
  • Schedule schedule schedule
  • Re-work the hashtags you use on your posts
  • Change your insta theme
  • Change your presets
  • Comment on more posts – again set a daily target
  • Work on engagement
  • Try to add to story more


  • Engage with other bloggers
  • Friday follow
  • Comment threads
  • Blogger RT accounts – remember to add their hashtags when sharing post
  • Link to your bloglovin account
  • Tweet target, use a scheduling app to make sure you remain active
  • Use it as a platform to meet more bloggers


  • Change up the apps you use
  • Finally use photos that you never got around to
  • Practice doing flatlays
  • Collect blogger props
  • Prepare photos for when lockdown is over
  • Work with different fabrics and materials
  • Find the best light sources
  • Give yourself time to fall in love with blogging again! Carry around a notepad and just make a note of ideas when they come along!

Have you guys got anything to add to the list? Comment below!

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