Ways To Use Vaseline

July 23, 2020

Hey guys! During lockdown, I guess you seem to truly find out the items within the house to turn to regularly, and which, well you really don’t. For me, Vaseline is an absolute essential. I’m pretty sure most households have a 5 year old pot lying around somewhere! Much like my “Ways To Use Zoflora” post, I thought this could be a commonplace to share inside knowledge and tips – so here we go!


What is Vaseline?

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According to the site:

“In the 1860’s, Robert Chesebrough, a dispensing chemist, discovered something amazing. He discovered a 100% natural product, rich in minerals from deep within the earth yet totally pure, which had remarkable healing properties when applied to cuts, burns and abrasions of the skin. That product was branded Vaseline petroleum jelly.”



Dry Skin

Lips, predominantly – but I find it works wonders on my eyelids. I get hayfever, and due to it my eyes can swell up massively. When they decide to calm down, I get dry, flaky eyelids. A light application of Vaseline every night for 48-72 hours leaves them good as new.

On the note of dry skin, we have to factor in the elements. Rain and wind can be harsh on the skin, leaving it excessively dry. Although moisturiser is brilliant for the short term, extreme dryness can cause rapid absorption. Vaseline allows for the skin to take in moisture as and when it is needed. As it can be greasy, a light application at night should do the trick.

I did want to mention, even though Vaseline is a tad greasy, it should not impact acne, more the opposite, helping it heal with its antibiotic properties.


Hair Growth

Although I don’t necessarily do this, Vaseline can be very good for hair growth. I have tried putting it on my eyelashes before bed however, and although they feel softer than usual (if that’s a thing), I haven’t exactly got the ruler out. I would assume it increase the illusion of thick hair and tame unruly hairs , but that’s just a wild guess.


Wood Scratches

Now this one I googled after a mini panic. The metal caps on my record player caused a scratch on my cabinet, and the answer was to apply Vaseline onto the wood. Acting as a lubricant, once left for 24 hours and wiped off, it surprisingly worked and reduced the size of the scratch.



I usually apply at home gel nails around once a month – and when it comes to removing them my nails can become very dry indeed. Vaseline, unlike oil, doesn’t make your nails useless for hours and still means you can go about your daily routine, while your nails are moisturised once again.

Taking about nails – I find Vaseline a great alternative to liquid latex, used around the edges of a cuticle to stop the paint getting onto your fingers. Once your nails are done, just wash your hands and the excess colour should come right off.


DIY Lip tint

I must have tried this years ago, but it definitely works! Scrape a little bit of eye shadow into a pot, mix it with a little Vaseline, and there you have it! A completely new lip tint. I would recommend making extra for a night out, and sticking it in the fridge for a while after creating to let it harden.





Want to make your shows shiny again? Rub a little Vaseline on with a cloth for shows that look brand new.



  • Help to insert earrings
  • Helps with removing rings


Open Sores

You’ve probably seen it in boxing, and it is a solid method of creating a barrier for open sores. Before the platelets form, it can be susceptible to infection, but applying Vaseline can stop any blood and keep it safe.

Have you got any other uses for this wonder product? Comment Below!

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    Very helpful, thanks for sharing! Didn’t know Vaseline had so many uses πŸ˜€

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