Trip to the University of Leicester Botanical Garden

Situated in Oadby, the University of Leicester Botanical Garden is the perfect spot to chill out after a stressful week studying. Founded in 1947 and surrounded by student residences, the 16 acres of land have features which include: a herb garden, water garden, cactus greenhouse and the Attenborough Arboretum.

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Freshers Tips!

Hey all, as some of you may or may not know, I have just completed my first week of uni. This has completely changed my life in such a short period of time and I can start to see myself change as a person (as cliche as that sounds). For anyone going through the same thing as myself, I thought to compile some of the things I have found out, and would have liked to know before I started.

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Baby Names I Love But Won’t Be Using

This tag has been going viral recently, and I absolutely love the concept. For as long as I remember I have been planning my wedding and kids names (even though its a long way off), ticking and crossing ideas as I go. Before I start sharing the baby names I love but won’t be using I just wanted to add a disclaimer that I love these names, hence why I have considered them, but will not work for me – this is just my personal opinion and I don’t mean to cause any offence.

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