10 Zoflora Uses To Make Cleaning So Much Easier!

August 29, 2019

Nowadays, the search for wonder cleaning products is on the rise – one that saves time and does not leave your home smelling of bleach. Life is so much easier without 100 products in your cupboard doing the same thing, so why not try an affordable “one size fits all” product? Zoflora has no doubt become a cult product among homebodies, and there are so many reasons why. The list of Zoflora Uses is endless. Here are some of the best!

*For anyone that hasn’t heard of Zoflora, it is a liquid disinfectant, killing 99.9% of bacteria and removing smells at the source – with an amazing variety of scents.*

Surface Cleaner

Zoflora is perfect as it works as a universal cleaner for your whole home. When I have guests coming around, the first thing I tend to do is wipe all the surfaces with diluted Zoflora. I also do this in the kitchen before bed to make it smell all nice and lovely. Re-use an old spray bottle and add half a capful of Zoflora to some water, and use for weeks! The smell lasts a long time, I must admit.

zoflora uses - diluted in spray bottle

Pot Pourri

Fake flowers and Pot Pourri can come to life with a simple spray of Zoflora – maybe “Country Garden” in the summer and “Winter Spice” in the colder months. It holds the scent beautifully, perfect for a lingering scent in a room.

zoflora uses

Cleaning the Fridge

Zoflora is handy to also clean the fridge as an alternative to either Dettol or sterilising fluid. Word of warning, never use Zoflora neat in the fridge – otherwise you will end up with funny tasting food. Dilute half a capful into a cooking pot of water, to ensure the fridge becomes sterilised, but leaves no taste.

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Bedding Cleaner

After a warm night, your mattress and bedding can be a bit worse for wear, but just a spray of Zoflora can have it in perfect condition again. I also recommend spraying “Lavender” scented Zoflora onto your pillows for the perfect sleep. You can also add a capful of Zoflora to the washing machine for beautifully scented clothing. If your clothes need a refresh in the wardrobe, add a pot of diluted Zoflora (with hot water), and leave it there for an hour. Not only will it remove the horrible cupboard smell, but it will ensure all things mould and damp stay away for good.

Toilet Brush

To keep toilet brushes free of germs, add half a capful of diluted Zoflora into the holder, also secreting a lovely smell into the bathroom. This is the greatest way of keeping it clean with very little work involved.

Cistern Cleaner

Another cheeky hack to get your bathroom smelling lovely is to add a capful of Zoflora into the cistern, to release a lovely scent every time you flush.


Adding a little Zoflora into the filter paper of your hoover is a really easy way to avoid the dust scent and spread a clean one instead. This is the best way to have everything smelling fresh as well as clean!

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Fabric Cleaner

Zoflora can also be used as a cheaper alternative to Febreeze, just a more diluted version is required. Just spray cushions with a little Zoflora to add that touch of freshness to your room. I do this every morning before everyone is up. Not only does it release a lovely scent in the morning, but it ensures that everything is germ-free before another day of use.

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Carpeted Stairs

Stairs can also feel the Zoflora effect by spraying a little from a distance before bed, I assure you, the smell will be delightful. I also like to spray some diluted Zoflora onto the carpet after I have hoovered to get rid of the dust scent. Just ensure that no one is using the stairs for a while, otherwise, they will have wet feet!

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Odour Destroyer

As lovely as candles are, I have not found a better odour destroyer than this one. Zoflora for pets is perfect for strong odours – toilet smells, food smells – everything. Boil the kettle and empty into a mop bucket with a capful of Pet Zoflora, or any of your choice (not as successful), and leave it for 30 minutes. This can usually scent a few rooms at a time if placed strategically.  The amount of compliments I have received with this hack is astonishing, and real easy too.

What are your favourite Zoflora Uses?

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zoflora uses

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    I recently stocked up on more Zoflora so this post has definitely come at the right time! I’m obsessed! πŸ˜‚

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      I am so glad it has helped! Let me know how you get on, thanks for reading!

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