200+ Cheap Date Ideas: The Only List You Need!

April 25, 2021

Hey guys! It can be so difficult to find things to do with your loved one right? You want to make the most of your time but spend even longer thinking about what to do! This is why this MASSIVE list of cheap date ideas should help to cut down the thinking time and have you enjoying the things that are important.

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I should also add that everyone likes different things, so some of these ideas may not suit you. Feel free to adapt and change these ideas to suit you!

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cheap date ideas

200+ Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Film Night
  2. TV Binge
  3. Gardening Day
  4. Bake A Cake
  5. Paint A Canvas
  6. Work together
  7. Create Candles For The Home
  8. Go On A Walk
  9. Camping
  10. Swimming
  11. Go On A Hike
  12. Have A BBQ
  13. Turn Your Garden Into A Holiday Destination
  14. Do Each Other’s Hair
  15. Pick Out Each Other’s Outfits
  16. Karaoke Night
  17. Indoor Picnic
  18. Outdoor Picnic
  19. Build A Fort
  20. Get The Chores Done Together (It Can Be Romantic Right)
  21. Fancy Dinner
  22. Pub Lunch Out
  23. Cocktail Date
  24. Homemade Cocktail Date
  25. Road Trip
  26. Stargazing
  27. Scrapbook Afternoon
  28. Go Through Your Childhood Photos
  29. Work On Your Family Trees
  30. Create A Photo Album
  31. Visit A Museum
  32. Watch A Film At The Cinema
  33. Go Bowling
  34. Cooking Competition
  35. Create A Bucket List
  36. Play Board Games
  37. Make Homemade Pizzas
  38. Book A Hotel For A Night Away
  39. Go To A Football Game
  40. Play Video Games
  41. Go On A Bike Ride
  42. Watch The Sunset
  43. Play Crazy Golf
  44. Beach date
  45. Go Strawberry Picking
  46. Go Pumpkin Picking
  47. Carve Pumpkins
  48. Create Flower Wreaths
  49. Visit A Zoo
  50. Visit An Aquarium
  51. Get To Know Your Local Area
  52. Go Charity Shopping
  53. Buy Vintage Together
  54. Look For Vinyl Records
  55. Go To A Car Boot Sale
  56. Grab Ice-Cream
  57. Find Local Scenic Spots
  58. Feed The Ducks
  59. Watch Old VCR’s
  60. Coffee And Cake Date
  61. Just Have A Chat
  62. Play Hide And Seek
  63. Check Out A Farmers Market
  64. Comedy Night
  65. Tribute Act
  66. Local Gigs
  67. Botanical Gardens
  68. Get To Know Me Quizzes
  69. All Year Round Easter Egg Hunt
  70. Spa
  71. Volunteering
  72. Summer Clear-Out
  73. Donate Old Clothes
  74. Assemble Furniture Together
  75. Walk Around Old Schools/University’s
  76. Double Date
  77. Theme Parks (Using Vouchers)
  78. Super Bowl Night
  79. Dress Up For The Oscars
  80. Jenga
  81. Play A Game Of Chess
  82. Walking Tour
  83. Darts
  84. Make Each Other Breakfast
  85. Have A Drink In The Bath
  86. Visit Showhomes
  87. Check Out Google Earth
  88. Make A Time Capsule
  89. Go On A Canal Cruise
  90. Make S β€˜mores Together
  91. Play Table Tennis
  92. Try Indoor Climbing
  93. Redecorate Your Home
  94. At The Home Water Fight
  95. Get The Swimming Pool Out
  96. Do A Pub Quiz
  97. Decorate Cookies And Cakes
  98. Order Food For One Another
  99. Fix A Piece Of Furniture Together
  100. Stay In Bed All-Day
  101. Fast Food Date
  102. Arcade Date
  103. Throw A Dinner Party
  104. Read The Same Book
  105. Run 5k Together
  106. Train For A Marathon Together
  107. Donate To Food Banks
  108. Go To Local Markets
  109. Make Each Other A Mixtape
  110. Go To A Farm
  111. Get Takeout
  112. Camp In Your Garden
  113. Plan For The Future
  114. Test Out Smoothie Recipes
  115. Design Your Own T-Shirts
  116. Go To IKEA
  117. Take Personality Quizzes
  118. Go To A Gallery
  119. Buy A Plant Together
  120. Play Twister
  121. Go Ice Skating
  122. Buy Gifts For Others Together
  123. Visit A Random City
  124. Go Window Shopping
  125. Fondue Night
  126. Watch Cheesy Tv
  127. Bar Crawl
  128. Restaurant Crawl
  129. Eat Your Weight In Snacks
  130. Have A Nap Together
  131. Give Each Other A Facial
  132. Blind Tasting
  133. Learn A Language
  134. Run Errands Together
  135. Go On The Train Together
  136. Go Fishing
  137. Play At A Playground
  138. Make Daisy Chains
  139. Collect Fresh Flowers For Your Home
  140. Complete A Jigsaw
  141. Go The Gym Together
  142. Library Date
  143. Go To A Local Festival
  144. Beer Gardens
  145. Go To A Carvery
  146. Late Night Walk
  147. Play Uno
  148. Play Monopoly
  149. Make Your Own Monopoly Pieces
  150. Try A Different Cuisine
  151. Try Foreign Snacks
  152. Visit A “Local Cuisine” Convenience Store
  153. Go To Costco
  154. Practice Your First Dance
  155. Make Your Death Row Final Meal
  156. Go To An Afternoon Theatre Show
  157. Test A Sports Car
  158. Play Tennis
  159. At Home Boxing
  160. Wii Sport
  161. Go To A Food Fair
  162. Go To A Wedding Fair
  163. Be A Tourist For The Day
  164. Recreate Your First Date
  165. Recreate Old Memories
  166. Go Clubbing
  167. Plan Nothing And See Where You End Up
  168. Make Inappropriate Cards For One Another
  169. Go Canoeing
  170. Play 20 Questions
  171. Think Of Another 200 Date Ideas
  172. Visit Boutique Stores
  173. Create Seasonal Decorations For The Home
  174. Make Decorations For Friends And Family
  175. Prepare A Healthy Meal Together
  176. Be Pretentious For A Day
  177. Truth Or Dare
  178. Turn A Film Into A Drinking Game
  179. Try Yoga
  180. Try A New Sport
  181. Have An Adult Kids Party ( We All Love A Pinata Deep Down)
  182. Donate Blood Together
  183. Try Cool Science Experiments
  184. Go To A Local Fundraising Event
  185. Try And Smash Your To-Do Lists
  186. Visit A Historical Spot
  187. Try At Home Pottery
  188. Build Something Out Of Lego
  189. Go To An Auction
  190. Do Some Colouring Together
  191. Go To A Car Show
  192. Go On A Protest
  193. Find Your New Favourite Show
  194. Listen To The Same Podcast
  195. Tell Each Other Jokes
  196. People Watch
  197. Enjoy Time Together
  198. Try Out Magic
  199. Clear Out Litter
  200. Get To Know A New Neighbourhood
  201. Try Out YouTube Hacks
  202. Try A Family Recipe
  203. Make A Flipbook
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What are your favourite cheap date ideas?

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  • Reply
    Jodie | That Happy Reader
    April 25, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    This is such an extensive list! Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply
    Tiffany McCullough - Metaphysical Mama
    April 25, 2021 at 5:44 pm

    Wow! What a great list! I think you have covered everything. I’ve always wanted to try indoor climbing, maybe once the lockdowns are all done I’ll drag my husband with me. Thanks for sharing all these fabulous ideas!

    • Reply
      Sophia Patel
      May 3, 2021 at 9:15 pm

      Thank you so much! And hey! Why not try something new? I hope you both have fun! Thanks for reading!

  • Reply
    April 25, 2021 at 8:06 pm

    I love the mix of ideas you have some. Some outside and some inside. Perfect whether you feel like something low key or something more formal. It’s great also for some fresh ideas in the pandemic. But nice to get excited that maybe we will be able to do fun things when we can finally get back to normal!

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