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February 15, 2015

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Hi there! So over the past few months I have been addicted to covering my nails in paint. I sound like a really bad builder don’t I? Well anyway I have been scouring the shops for the perfect nail polish, and to be honest, it has not been easy. Here are my latest reviews of the products I have used recently:

Rimmel crack your colour crazy top coat:


I bought this polish a couple of weeks ago and to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. The application was quite difficult, and I don’t usually have problems putting varnish on. Too much polish and you will get another layer on top of the first layer you applied; too little and you will get a horrible streaky effect. After a few weeks of trying and testing other products I thought I would revisit this product to find that it had all dried up which was unable to use. I definitely would not buy this product again.

Maybelline Super Stay (7 days):


I love this product! It is a bit pricier at £4 a bottle but is definitely worth the price. Whether this product last 7 days……..i’m not sure as it can depend. On its own it will last 4 days maximum before it starts chipping, with a nail polish underneath it will last between 5 – 6 days, but I tend to wash my hand A LOT! The nail polish had a lovely gel texture that glides on but it can take around 20 minutes to try, and it is difficult to stay still that long for me, but when this product finishes I will be using it again.

Rimmel I <3 lasting finish:


I bought this product quite a while ago, I can’t really remember when, but comparing to other products I wasn’t really impressed. The polish was quite gloopy and needed a couple of coats, which I personally don’t like doing. It is a medium price, a few pounds but I will not be buying this again.This bottle dried up, just like my other Rimmel nail polish and the brush bristles have all spread out and become wire – like.

Barry M:


This will definitely be in my March Favourites. I love Barry M and I am so upset I discovered it quite late! The texture of the polish is lovely and it just glides onto your nail. Only 1 coat is needed too! The colour are very rich also. The longevity of the polish is amazing, it is day 6 and it hasn’t started chipping yet! The price is very cheap,  £2.99 per bottle in Superdrug and is really worth it as you get a lot in the bottle. My only problem is that it takes about 20 minutes to dry but I don’t mind waiting as I now know I will love the outcome. I will be buying all the colours and I recommend you do too!

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