Benefit “They’re Real!” mascara review

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Well hello there! Now mascara is a daily essential for me, without it I would look pretty much dead. So I thought it would be time to ‘splash’ out a little as it is a staple in my make up routine; and share my opinion of the product with you guys.

Firstly, I love the packaging! It is concise and easy to travel with a tube that is very lightweight but containing a fair amount of product. The wand itself is a bit big which I personally do not mind but the ‘ball’ on the end, which is specifically made for the ‘hard to get to lashes’ is too big for my tiny eye. I can live with that though!

Before and After
Before and After

The product itself, a slight disappointment. For sure it gives your lashes volume and lengthens them as it claims (which is great) the actual consistency is a bit too runny for my liking. You also have to be aware of smudging while the mascara is still wet, which I do not like. I also get concerned when it rains because this mascara is not as waterproof as drugstore alternatives. However it does last a very long time and it is tougher to get off at night, a good thing I guess. Overall this product is good, but at the price range I would not buy it again but I would recommend it as it would be perfect for some.


5 thoughts on “Benefit “They’re Real!” mascara review

    1. My go – to drugstore product is the maybelline falsies mascara as it lasts all day, does not flake, gives just as much volume as the benefit mascara, easy to use and super affordable! I have used 3 bottles so far! Hope this is helpful πŸ™‚

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