Victoria’s Secret ‘Pink’ Perfume

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This is just a quick rave for you guys as I thought it would be a bit fun.

I got this as a gift about a year ago from my aunt in San Francisco ย and it is AMAZING! The smell is so fruity and girly but not at all overpowering. As it is only a body mist, the chances of it lasting a long time are slim but why not enjoy it while it lasts! I only wish I could virtually send you the smell haha ๐Ÿ™‚ They even have cute little names for each mood on the bottles (Fresh and Clean, Sweet and Flirty, Ready to Party and Warm and Cozy.) Due to the fact I got this as a gift, I am not sure on the exact price but a quick browse found it at around ยฃ20. Personally, I highly recommend it, so maybe check it out!


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