You know its nearly Christmas when…

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…the tree has been put up.


This is the main statement of Christmas – and it wouldn’t be the same without it. Me and my family have the same tree every year (we’ve had this one for the last 10 years) so for me this is one of the biggest factors of Christmas.

… Costa release their Christmas drinks.


As of the 1st December every year, Costa release a range of drinks specifically for christmas. These include: Gingerbread and cream lattes, Caramel fudge hot chocolate, Salted caramel cappuccino, Black forest hot chocolate and Mulled winter fruit drinks. These drinks taste so good and really put me in the mood for christmas, if you haven’t tried them out you totally should!

… you can wear christmas jumpers and not look crazy.


Lets face it, we all want to wear Christmas jumpers all year round but we know that a few odd stares would come our way, but in December we can wear as many as we want! This one is from Matalan and was £20, but they are pretty much sold everywhere, so go and buy one if you haven’t already!

… you can wear slipper socks and not look crazy.


I love wearing slipper socks during the winter – they are so cosy and warm. These were only £2 from Primark so are an absolute bargain!


As soon as December starts, i pull out the apple and cinnamon scents that remind me of Christmas. It really puts me in the mood and it smells so nice.

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