Happy Birthday Blog!

January 9, 2016

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Wow! My blog is now officially 1 year (and a few days) old. *Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…*Β Β To be honest, I did not expect to enjoy this more than I did on day one, but I love it. Thank you for everyone who has been there from the beginning and joined along the way, love you lots <3


Resolutions for the next year:

1. Get to 500 followers.

This is more a personal gain than anything else, but I thought it would be worth sharing. Its not unrealistic because this blog has over 300 followers currently. I would love to meet more wonderful people as this past year has been a pure treat.

2. Post more makeup reviews.

I’m not too sure about this, would you like to have more makeup posts. This is what I thought the blog would mainly be about, but I have shared more “random” posts. My collection is ever growing, so if that’s what you want Β to hear about, let me know (I just don’t want to be another one in the crowd though).

3. Have as much fun as I am now.

I know, I know, it’s not really an aim as such, however it’s key to have a blog with your heart and soul put in. This blog is so much fun, and I have spoken to people from all walks of life so to do this for another year would be amazing.

Thank you for reading this post, here’s to another year!x

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