10 Tips When Starting A Blog

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Hello there! The blogging universe is forever expanding,with new people creating a blog every day. I have had this site for well over  a year and a half now, so feel like I have figured out what works (and what doesn’t). However, there are many things I wish I knew when starting out, therefore I thought to help some newbies out there!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset 1) Have an idea about what you want to blog about, even have some future blog posts in mind. The best way to spark ideas if to base it on your own passions and interests. I personally believe that blogs tend to be better if the writer isn’t going out if their way to please others

2) Plan, plan, plan! You want to make sure that you are posting regularly, but not spamming your readers, so organise your calendar to evenly space out your posts.


3) Ensure you are socially aware , and if not, get yourself out there! A lot of your stats will come from other sources. My recommendation is to scatter your post everywhere you can when published, in addition to signing up to blogger directories and networking sites  (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin). Also make it easy for your readers to find your social medias on your blog – I suggest adding icons in your sidebar.

4) Find a theme that describes you. The worst thing from a reader’s viewpoint is an indecisive blogger – it looks highly unprofessional. When starting your blog really spend some time on what you want your blog to look like, then make it that way.

5) Consider self hosting. Although I would not recommend self hosting straightaway (if you have never written a blog post for example) as it requires a reasonable amount of knowledge and forces independence, for some it may be the way forward. The real question is “What do you want to achieve?”. If the answer is ‘no limits’ for example, self – hosting may be for you. Moving to a self – hosted site can become more of a challenge once your blog grows – which is why it must be considered.

6) Have confidence! Sometimes all it takes is some guts to produce an amazing post, so just do it! Don’t be afraid to experiment either – its from making mistakes that you’ll find what is right for you.

7) Build a blogger network of your own. I struggled with this when I first started blogging, but communicating with others in the same position as yourself can really help. It certainly helped me! It can also raise awareness about your blog, so don’t be afraid to leave a cheeky little comment on someone else’s post. What’s the worst that can happen eh?

8) Let Google Analytics become your friend. From this you can really find out what posts are a success, and ones that, well… aren’t. You can also find out who your target audiences are, enabling you to shape your posts according to this. I think this is super helpful for anyone that is starting out too. Don’t forget you use WordPress’ stats as well, from this you can see which countries you are popular in.


9) Make sure it is easy for others to contact you. I only figured this out a few months after I started blogging – and wish I knew sooner. The best way to do this is to add a page onto your blog and put your details in there. This makes it super easy to navigate your site, making it more likely for others to get in touch. Sites like MailChimp also allow you to make contact forms like I did – completely free of charge too!


10) Make every post as enthusiastic as the last. Readers are going to enjoy your post more if it includes passion, as it sounds like you were interested writing it. Some of my monotone posts without any humour haven’t got me far in all honesty, so speaking with experience I suggest adding some “happy” into your posts.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions / queries, just let me know below. Love you lots!x


23 thoughts on “10 Tips When Starting A Blog

  1. I found some of this information so helpful thankyou so much! Especially the MailChimp contact form, I think I’ll add one to my blog now x x

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  2. .6 is so true. If you don’t know what you want to do, try everything. This is a phrase in regards to finding a career one is interested in but would also work for blogging as well. Basing one’s blog on one’s interests as well. Have you had the experience that the posts you are personally very interested in writing becomes a hit but the ones you write out of obligation tanks, like as though readers can tell if you’re personally invested in your own content?

    Stats can also be super interesting. My blog happens to be a lot more popular in the States than in my own home country, for some reason.

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