Hacks You May Not Know

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Hello! I was wondering my room the other day, thinking about all the DIY and beauty hacks I use, and that sharing them might give you some ideas. So let’s get to it!

  • Get blisters or sore feet in your favourite shoes? Use a gel deodorant or Vaseline to act as a lubricant – just apply to the areas that rub and hey presto!

img_2335 img_2350

  • Transform unused mugs and coffee flasks into stationary holders                                             img_2361
  • Empty Tic Tac containers or paperclip cases can be used to store emergency bobby pins


  • Can’t find your eye shadow? Use a highlighter instead! (p.s. it looks great on photos with flash)                                                                                                                                img_2398-jpeg
  • Create a marble nail polish by swirling two colours together on a spoon. Then, with your nail bed touching the edge of the spoon, roll your finger once horizontally.                                                                                                                                                                                    img_2276
  • Ran out of eyeliner? Use the excess product off your mascara wand an a liner brush instead                                                                                                                                                        img_2295
  • If you want a lip colour you do not have, use an eye shadow. Mix eye primer, lip balm and eye shadow pigment to make a beautiful lip colour. Want a matte shade? Put a tissue over your lips and lightly dab translucent powder on top.

img_2320 img_2322

  • I really struggle to apply pastel colours on my nails, as I find it incredibly streaky and horrible. A simple way to stop this happening, and make the colour brighter is to apply a white coat before the pastel colour.


  • Don’t own a contour brush? Put a bobby pin through your brush to shape your brush, perfect for contouring



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