Sanctuary Spa Advent Calendar Review 

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Hey guys! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! So as promised in my last post, here is my review of the Sanctury Spa Advent Calandar which I received as a Christmas present from my parents. *Warning: Spoilers below*

Day 1: Ultimate Salt Scrub

Day 2:White Lily & Damask Body Lotion
Day 3: Signature Tea Light Candle
Day 4: Cleanse Moisture Burst Facial Wash
Day 5: Let Go Bulldog Clip
Day 6: Intensive Heel Balm
 Day 7: White Lily & Damask Rose Body Wash
Day 8: #LetGo Eye Mask
Day 9: Foaming Creamy Bath Soak
Day 10: Nail File
Day 11: Luxurious Body Butter
 Day 12: Rose & Cassis Tea Light Candle
Day 13: 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask
 Day 14: Toe Dividers
Day 15: Cleansing Burst Facial Wash
 Day 16: Exfoliating Mitt
Day 17: Radiance Exfoliator
Day 18: Cuticle Stick
 Day 19: Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash
 Day 20: Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
 Day 21: Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water
Day 22: Velvety Hand Cream
day 22.png
 Day 23: Gentle Polish Body Scrub
 Day 24: Wonder Body Tinted Moisturiser
 Packaging: Firstly, the box is amazing. It is the perfect item to pop under your tree alongside wrapped presents. The doors are designed in alignment with the Sanctuary Spa  branding – which I find a lovely touch. My only criticism regarding the box is that the doors are very weak, causing A LOT of rips and cardboard tears, in addition to items inside the calendar sliding and ending up in the wrong box. However – it’s something I can live with.
 Products: The quality of products I must say are beautiful. I haven’t managed to use everything (there s so much choice) but the feel and scent is delightful. I also love the size of the body washes and scrubs, 30 – 75ml products are super good for an advent calendar. A disadvantage though was the amount of  “irrelevant products” such as toe dividers, nail files, cookie cutters and a bulldog clip. It just seems like Sanctuary Spa are trying to save money wherever they can.
Price: These calendars retail for £25, which is cheap for these type of products, however, some would say that you can tell where the brand has skimped and saved. I’m not going to lie, I have thoroughly enjoyed this advent calendar, especially with it having 24 doors. It is great value for money, and I highly recommended an impulse buy before this is taken off the shelves.
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year,
 Love, Sophia x

5 thoughts on “Sanctuary Spa Advent Calendar Review 

  1. What a thoughtful gift!
    I think this calendar looks great. Sure, there are a few duds, but I think you get cheap ‘filler’ products with every calendar. So yeah, I agree, this is a really good calendar and it’s reasonably priced considering all the amazing Sanctuary Spa products you get to try.

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