Blog Birthday – 2 Years on!

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Well hello there! I have officially had this blog for 2 years and 1 day, and now I think it’s time to say thank you.

This site has grown to me being a one man band to having lots of people around supporting me. This road would have been a lot more difficult if there wasn’t anyone helping out, giving advice, or simply having a chat. My blogger friends makes me love posting soooo much more.

So, did I achieve last years resolutions?

“1. Get to 500 followers”

This time last year, I has 300 followers, and I surprisingly I surpassed my aim massively, as I currently 890 followers. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported my blog, past and present. Its unbelievable the amount of countries I have received hits in.


For the next year, I would like to achieve 1200 followers, if you haven’t followed yet, go ahead!

2. Post more makeup reviews”

Although I am not making as many makeup looks as I would ultimately like, I have increased the amount of reviews as you guys love them! Here’s some of your favourites:

Cleansing and Toning Products

Urban Decay ‘Perversion’ Mascara Review

Wedding Makeup Look

Makeup Wishlist

“3. Have as much fun as I am now”

Every year I continue to blog, I have more and more fun, and its thanks to the amount of support I receive. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Here’s to another year!


P.S Thanks for all the comments I have received this last year, here’s some of my favourites:



11 thoughts on “Blog Birthday – 2 Years on!

  1. congrats on 2 years ❤ I'm coming up to a year (may) and it's crazy to think that!! Have no idea how I'm going to feel or where my blog will be on 2!!

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