EcoTools Brush Review

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Hi guys! I love makeup brushes; you can never have enough. I was fortunate to receive the “Mystic Luxe Duo Brush Set” from EcoTools for Christmas, and thought it would be good to give a honest review for all of you.

This set includes three double sided brushes and a travel bag:

  1. Powder Brush / Blush Brush
  2. Eye Shading / Angled Eyeliner
  3. Foundation / Concealer


Powder Brush / Blush Brush        

I must say, the texture of the brush is amazing, and feels so soft on the skin. I personally find synthetic brushes softer than real fur, but am equally happy to use either. For me, the powder brush does not pick up enough product, so takes a very long time to set the face – which I am too impatient to do, relying on my Morphe brush instead. The blush brush is excellent however, the perfect shape to contour and highlight, which I use everyday.

ecotools brushes

Eye Shading / Angled Eyeliner                                                                                                                                

In all fairness, I rarely use this brush purely for the fact that I have so many eye brushes, however this is not bad at all. Personally, I find that Eyeliner brushes work better if they are firmer, and this one is particularly soft, meaning that I use the Morphe liner brush more. To be fair though, the shading brush is actually quite good, perfect for creating a daily eye shadow look.

ecotools brushes

Foundation / Concealer 

This foundation brush confuses me, it’s like nothing I have seen before. I have never used this for foundation purely because it is not the right shape or flat enough to apply foundation in my opinion (and I am in love with beauty blenders). It is great for baking and applying small amounts of powder though as it can pick up large amounts of product. The concealer brush, although can apply liquid products to the skin, struggles to blend as the brush is too firm and therefore cannot really work with curvatures of the face.

ecotools brushes

                                                                                                                                                                   I honestly did not mean to be critical of these brushes because I really do like them. They feel super soft on the skin, have never shed or worn out. My main issue is the fact that these brushes are double sided, meaning that it can’t be stood up in a brush pot without one side getting damaged. All in all though, these brushes are really nice, comes with a beautiful carry case, so don’t regret owning them, even though I have more criticisms than advantages for this set. Have you tries these brushes before? What do you think?


12 thoughts on “EcoTools Brush Review

  1. I love eco tools brushes too but have found similar problems with their concealer and powder brushes, though I don’t have this double ended set. Great review, it’s hard to criticise things we like sometimes but it’s good to see someone else has the same problems, if that makes sense 🙂

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