What I Don’t Like About Blogging

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Hello! Now I must say, before some of you think, I absolutely love to blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent 2 and a bit years doing it. However, like all things, there are a few things that annoy me. I don’t know the direct purpose of this post – to inform or to vent, possibly to allow people to understand the world of blogging, but I do hope you enjoy reading it.


Maybe its because there are so many bloggers about, which there are, with very similar content – not saying I’m different cause I’m not, but its all become pretty bitchy. This is because many are putting their own popularity above all else. Although competition is not my primary focus, it is always at the back of a bloggers mind, with some using it to be unintentionally nasty. The amount of times I’ve seen bloggers change their theme or content just to be approved by others is obscene, variety should be celebrated.

The vast majority of people are lovely, don’t get me wrong, and the community is great. However there are a fair few who believe they have a higher status because they have more followers, which is definitely not the case, as more followers do not lead to good content. If anything, it is actually harder being a smaller blogger as there are less opportunities thrown your way and fewer people reading your content. Sometimes a message back is just the nice thing to do, its not like bloggers didn’t all start in the same place. There are also an increasing number of bloggers who use “bots” to increase their follower count to reap of the opportunities that a higher reach brings – even it is fake. In my opinion, this is cheating the system and not fair for genuinely hard working bloggers.

Shameless Promo

Both bloggers and brands are guilty for this one. I absolutely love other bloggers reading my posts and commenting, because most of the time it lifts my spirits. Every so often though, a blogger will comment with just their site link, turning what was supposed to be a comment into another place to promote their own site, which I do find quite cheeky. Also, when people comment a simple “lovely!” or “gorgeous” it makes my think that they haven’t read the post, which in my eyes makes me disregard the comment. I would rather have less, but more genuine comments. Also, I’m sure many bloggers will agree with this one, everyday I receive about 9 auto DM’s on Twitter telling me that I should check out their blog or YouTube channel. In all honesty I can’t vent enough about how much they annoy me – UGH!

Then there are brands, who are even worse. The expectation for bloggers to be a certain way, or to write a certain way comes from the type of bloggers brands work with. I thought in this day and age different is supposed to be accepted, yet I don’t see it. Or when a brand emails me and clearly doesn’t know my blog, or my name for that matter, and chooses to start an email with “Hi lovely” or “greetings”. If a brand wants time and effort from bloggers they could at least start their plea properly. And when it comes to what they ask for, not make it so unrealistic and too good for themselves, and nothing in return for me and my readers. Of course there are some brands that offer a really good relationship, but there some that seek too much self – gratification for their own good.

There we have it, rant over guys. Like I said, I really do love blogging, just some things can be annoying. Is there anything that you don’t like?


19 thoughts on “What I Don’t Like About Blogging

  1. I agree with most of your points, but I will take a moment to explain why I always put my blog in my comments, and why I would like others to do the same when commenting on my blogs. I feel like blogging is all about finding the people we connect with – the people we share similar opinions/thoughts/interests with. When someone comments on my blog and I feel a connection on that comment, having their blog link right there is the chance to click through and get to know more about them. I don’t feel like I ‘have to’ or its ‘required’, and I don’t see it as a ‘shameless plug’ but rather just the option that’s there if I want to, the same as the ‘like’ option on a Facebook post. Something you can choose to use if it speaks to you, or not if you don’t feel that click πŸ™‚

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

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    1. I completely understand your viewpoint, and it’s nice to hear why you disagree with me. In all honesty hearing this has somewhat changed my opinion, as it can lead to relationships – I do still however feel an obligation to check out another’s blog if they mention it, I guess it’s just personal opinion however πŸ™‚

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      1. I can understand how someone can feel an obligation – I do to a degree… I mean if I am super busy and quickly checking my comments, it is what it is, but if I’m sitting reading comments and know that I have time, then I do generally make a point of checking them. I do feel like that is my personal choice though and not necessarily why they put it there to begin with πŸ™‚ Side note, I really enjoy being able to have conversations where we don’t necessarily agree but can talk it through respectfully and understand each other’s POV through it. Thank you!

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      2. I understand your view, if I have time I honestly have no problem reading others’ posts, especially if they have read through mine. I’m just not into mentioning myself on another’s site. Me too, it’s nice to be able to openly share our views without any judgement – thank You!


      3. I think part of the problem is that there is a portion of the blogging community that is so hung up on the ‘everything is an eye for an eye’ mentality – and pushing that everyone should always love everyone all the time. I see a lot of it on Twitter, like they believe we are all one giant happy family that should always love everything everyone does. The truth is its no different than real life – people have their own interests, passions, etc. My blog isn’t for everyone and that’s cool. The sooner that we understand that idea I think the sooner we will find that the expectation to always reciprocate falls back and it becomes more of a choice πŸ™‚

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      4. That is very true, the expectation of bloggers is to be incredibly happy go lucky but it’s true that some will just not get on with others due to different interests. But that’s okay, as you said, once it becomes a norm there will be more choice for bloggers themselves πŸ™‚

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      5. Exactly. I mean I am not at all against having a ‘community’ and supporting one another, but I feel like rather than one giant community I would rather find a smaller one with people I click with and go from there πŸ™‚

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  2. Lovely, very honest post. I have to disagree with the part about bloggers leaving their link in the comments because I find this so helpful. Whenever I receive a comment on my blog I want to be able to see who wrote that comment and return the love quickly and easily, I am so grateful to those who do leave their links and that’s why I do it in my comments πŸ™‚ hope you don’t mind.

    AliceΒ | alicemaysnell

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    1. thank you so much! I completely understand your viewpoint, and it a blogger has put a really nice comment on my blog I will definitely check them out. It just annoys me a little when some have clearly not read my post and want me to check out theirs. Thank you for sharing your views πŸ™‚


  3. The competitiveness is definitely the thing I hate the most. As you said, even if it’s not the most important thing, and shouldn’t be, it’s almost always at the back of my mind as well. I mean, sometimes I can’t help but wonder, “am I standing out/what will make me, or am I just another blogger lost in an ocean of them?”.
    I’m not exactly miss popular myself so I haven’t been contacted by any brands though, so I can’t really relate on that note – I can imagine it though xx


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