Trends To Look Out For This Summer

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Hey! Summer is approaching everyone! I say that but I live in England, so the reality will more likely be 2 BBQ opportunities within 12 weeks and the rest torrential rain – not even kidding. However, the sun allows us to experiment and not have to wear 35 layers under our jacket. So here are the trends that are coming our way in the coming months.

1. Printed Shorts

Printed shorts have been in and out of fashion for years now, some would even say decades, and I can finally announce that the trend is back. It is primarily paired with a simple tee, emphasising the vibrant colours of the shorts themselves. Here we have Solange Knowles and Julianne Hough pulling the look off.

solange knowlesJulianne Hough

My Top Picks:

From Left to Right – Forever 21 (£6.99) , ASOS (£32), New Look (£17.99)

Mirrored Ikat Embroidery Shorts Forever 21Asos shorts  New look shorts

2. Ruffles

I was in New Look today and honestly the amount of ruffled clothing items that have arrived in store was really quite surprising. I personally am not a fan of them myself, but I understand why people like them. We should expect a surge of ruffles in the coming months, especially as major fashion houses such as  House of Holland, Michael Kors and Mulberry are backing the trend.

Image result for celeb wearing ruffles 2017
From Left To Right: House of Holland, Michael Kors and Mulberry

My Top Picks:

From Left To Right: Lipsy at Next (£25), Miss Selfridge (£17), Boohoo (£6)

  ruffled jumper

 3. Khaki / Olive

To be honest, khaki doesn’t seem like much of a summer colour (I only really wear it during autumn / winter), but its apparently it is one of the biggest trends this year. The more oversized the better – coats, jackets, shirts, you name it.

khaki oive
From Left to Right: Phillip Lim, Vera Wang and Hugo Boss

My Top Picks:

From Left to Right: Matalan (£10), River Island (£35), Missguided (£18)

Zip Front Dresskhaki trousers 

4. Statement Stripes

As well as rising trend of khaki, statement stripes are totally in this year. As some say, it must definitely be a trend if one of the Kardashian / Jenner’s are doing it. Stripes are great for enhancing particular parts of the body, especially for summer when it is all about the “perfect bod”.


My Top Picks:

From Left to Right: Topshop (£160), Wallis (£30), SimplyBe (£30)

5. Sports Wear

With changing times, comes increased pressure to look fit. The media is full of perfect bodies that many people try to achieve. As a result, the athletic clothing market has grown significantly and it is now trendy to look like you’re going to / from the gym, or to the local sports club.

(Below: Prada and Versace, Dior)

Image result for athletic wear runway 2017

6. Slogans

They’re back! With decades of slogan outfits slipping in and out of the trend circle, it finally makes it back on the runway. Feel free to show off your branded items this summer.

From left: House of Holland, Prabal Gurung, Haider Ackermann, Christian Dior
From Left to Right: House of Holland, Prabal Gurung, Haider Ackermann, Christian Dior
My Top Picks:
 From Left to Right: Missguided (£15), Lipsy (£35), Boohoo (£18)
 Image slogan.pngcest la vie
*Credit to the rightful owners of all the photos I have used*

24 thoughts on “Trends To Look Out For This Summer

  1. I love the stripes and sportswear! But I’m like you when it comes to the ruffles, however, I think I’m interested in trying out that “trend.” Hmm, I’ll see!
    Thanks for sharing,

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  2. Great blog post! I like the khaki and olive color tread, i am also a fan of the slogan trend, I like shirt slogans because their are a self expression.

    Liked by 1 person

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