Halloween Laceration Tutorial

Hey all, its that time of year again! I absolutely love going all out for Halloween, the only time where you simply can’t be overdressed! If you’re stuck for ideas, check out this tutorial, its cheap, easy and definitely shows you made an effort.

Time to create: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

You will need:

Liquid Latex


Cotton Wool


Face Paints

Fake Blood



1) Start by outlining your laceration with eye shadow or an eyeliner pencil. This will make it easier to give the wound shape.

2) Begin to apply liquid latex around your design. Ensure that there is no hair on this area, otherwise it will cause some serious pain when taking off.

3) Rip some tissue and apply it to the wet latex. You will have to add multiple layers so you may have to use a hair dryer to speed the process up.

4) Once you have a sufficient layer of tissue on top of the skin, use your scissors to create a laceration in the centre. Warning – be very careful, the layers will tougher to cut through the more tissue you add.

5) Cover the whole thing in foundation to match your skin tone. As the latex is a different colour to your skin, you may need to adjust your foundation shade to fit.

6) After using face paints to colour the wound red, create pieces of flesh by soaking some cotton wool strands in fake blood and using liquid latex to stick it in the laceration.

7) Use some purple eye shadow around the wound to highlight bruising, adding some black eye shadow sparingly to add depth. This is when you can let your creativity flow, adding whatever shades you see fit, where you want it. For this look I found however that less is more.

8) Finally, add some fake blood over the wound – complete the look with some gore.

And there you have it! What are you guys doing for Halloween this year?












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