How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

Hey all! For many people, Instagram is the heart of social media, following the lives of the latest celebs, or to creep on your friends whereabouts. However, the platform has been declining in recent months due to its latest updates (for example the decision to no longer make posts chronological). Here’s what I have found are the best ways to avoid falling into the Instagram trap and to fall in love with it once again.

1) Engagement

This is the most important factor for building awareness of your profile. The more you’re out there, the more often Instagram will showcase your posts. So continue to like and comment, sharing the love is good!

2) Find the right time to post

This involves research. Sign yourself up to an engagement site, and found out the specific demographic of your followers, and when they are the most active, and post accordingly. Although posts no longer show up in chronological order, the quicker the post creates traction, the more successful it will become.

3) Join an Instagram Pod

To guarantee your post will gain awareness, you can always join an Instagram Pod. These are private groups in which you send your latest post in, and others will like and comment on it. This is an easy and efficient way to grow a rapport with some of your followers, and over time you will discover the posts they prefer, making your profile more successful.

4) Using hashtags

Although this is something we all started doing, hashtags on Instagram have somewhat diminished. However, for your post to gain views like it used to, hashtags have to come back. Try using trending tags or any themes popular at the time, this will help Instagram in finding your post.

4*) On the topic of hashtags, I have found more success using hashtags in the description itself, not in the comments, as Instagram marks it as spam. Also, it is recommended to delete previous posts’ hashtags as they may also be preventing your other posts from getting awareness (shadow banning).

5) Maintain high quality photos

Although this really doesn’t need to be said, higher quality photos are more likely to gain traction. Also,  something as simple as setting a consistent theme can help in creating a brand for yourself, potentially gaining loyal followers.

6) Use other social media as promotion

There is no shame in self – promoting, so use other social media to direct followers to your Instagram. This way you can build up a loyal following on many platforms, increasing your brand awareness.

7) Use Instagram Stories

As these are in chronological order, you can use Instagram Stories to make your followers aware of your latest post, or direct them to a web link. This is a great way to ensure your followers can access your material also.

I hope this has helped you to fall in love with Instagram once again! And why you’re here, how about dropping your Instagram link in the comments below? That way we can all share the love!

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14 thoughts on “How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

  1. Very good post! I am not the biggest fan of instagram, nor I ever was, but I am still trying to grow following on there. Will use your tips!

    Julia xx

    Liked by 1 person

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