New Years Resolutions

Hey everyone, hope you are all having a great 2018 so far! The time has come to compile all aspirations for the next year . I don’t know abut you, but I always find that it gets increasingly difficult to maintain these resolutions, but hopefully this is the year (as cliché as that sounds). Do you have any aspirations for 2018?

  1. Focus on my health. 

Since being at university, I have been a lot more diet conscious and watching what I eat, probably because it is now down to me to cook dinner every night. However, as soon as I come back home in the holidays and some weekends, I am face to face with all the temptations I didn’t have while away. I would lie if I said that some secret binging didn’t occur! That’s why I am going to focus more on creating meal plans to stick by and staple recipes for those days I just don’t want to cook and a take away seems like the easy option. Keeping a track of my daily water intake will hopefully get me to drink more (I am going to try and reduce my alcohol intake – but I’m at uni so that’s easier said than done). Also, I am going on holiday twice, possibly 3 times this year so hopefully an end goal will help me to keep on track.

2. Cut bad people out my life. 

2017 made me realise that more damage is going to be done if I keep the bad people in my life. Luckily, I grew to love a whole network of people who made me realise how nice people can actually be. Although I am too trusting a person, cutting off negative people will hopefully this will lead to a happier 2018.

3. Focus on skincare. 

The last few months I really got into skincare, which I do want to pursue in the next few months. I ventured into the world of both “The Ordinary” and Mario Badescu and hope to expand my collection of products in the next few months. I am also becoming “sun protection obsessive”, with a range of vitamins and creams to protect my skin from UV rays. This year I do hope on starting a skincare series on my blog, let me know if that’s something you would want to see.

4. Get good university grades. 

Even though its first year and grades do not count towards my degree, I would love to have results that I am pleased with at the end of the year. I have 7 modules this year, and I need to get at least 40% in all modules to secure entry into next year. I have already done half of my exams, and the other half are in May, so fingers crossed the results are what I expect, or better.

5. Be a little selfish.

Although this sounds a bit odd, its something I definitely need to work on. I spend too much time thinking about others’ wellbeing, sometimes I forget to think about myself, which can be extremely detrimental. So this year, I plan to do both – look out for others, but also myself.

6. Work on my Blog. 

Its time my blog got a little TLC. This year I am going to work on schedules and clear plans about what I want to achieve each month my setting goals. The last few months of last year I struggled increasingly to balance uni life and my blog, so this year is the year to take my blog to the next level, as I have inputted so much time and effort into it thus far, and I love it! Social media interaction is a clear weak area for me which I want to improve, as well as getting to know other bloggers too!

7. Enjoy it!

Looking back at 2017 and all the great things that happened, I cannot wait to continue to those memories this year. This is why I going to focus on appreciating every moment for what it is, to look back in years to come when thinking about the “good times”.


11 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. Such good ideas for New Years Resolutions, I am the same with the idea of cutting people out of my life, graduating high school was the best for me in doing that. Good luck for this year with your goals! x

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