Skincare Routine

Hey all! As part of my New Years Resolutions, I wanted to focus more on skincare – at the end of the day a makeup look can only look so good without untreated skin. Although I have only started to expand I skincare range, I wanted to share what I do so far on a daily basis.

Face Wash:

As I struggle with combination skin, it is difficult to find a cleanser that both extracts all the bad stuff and hydrates without making my skin too trying or too oily. I have currently been using the Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel and am pleasantly surprised. For only a couple pounds, this cleanser is so light on the face and removes ALL my makeup which I really did not expect.


After I ran out of my Simple Toner, (the 3rd bottle I purchased mind you), I was due a change. Due to mass hype about Mario Badescu products, I ended up buying the Glycolic Acid Toner. Although I was hesitant about this product due to my sensitive skin, it has done wonders within a week! It removes any makeup residue if I have any, and clears up my skin. Warning – it does cause purging to start with, and can cause minor peeling, but once that has cleared the skin looks 10x better, and rejuvenated!


Now, the Ordinary is the hyped about product in recent times, which is why it had to be added to my collection. For those who don’t know, I suffer from hyperpigmentation and scarring, which used to be controlled by medication, but since completing my run of it I wanted to look for other methods. I bought both the 2% Salicylic Acid and 10% Niacinamide & 2% Zinc. These have been an absolute godsend, I cannot rave about these products enough! My scars have significantly reduced, they haven’t gone yet but that’s due to having them for so many years. 3 months later however and my dark spots have drastically reduced, and with the Niacinamide being Vitamin C it promotes skin rejuvenation – making my skin so soft and improving how makeup sits on the face. Could not recommend these products enough, especially as they are so affordable!


Sun protection is essential in all types of weather; it is such an underrated item. As the conscious person that I am, and with recommendations from my doctor, I wear a factor 50 sun cream every morning to prevent from my skin from reacting from the sun even further. It doubles up a great primer too surprisingly! I personally use the Garnier Ambre Solaire Protection Lotion, however all these products are like for like so you can purchase whatever you fancy.


Return to my holy grail – Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion. I have been through 3 bottles of this myself, and even purchased some for my parents because I loved it so much. This cream can eradicate any dry patches, without making your skin oily. It is perfect to smother on at night to wake up to a perfectly glowy face. I think I will continue purchasing this until it disappoints me – which will be a while.

9 thoughts on “Skincare Routine

  1. You reminded me of the Aveeno cream I used to love and use a few years back! I’m going to look for it now because I feel like switching up my routine. will look at the serums you mentioned _ I always use serums and like to switch up after a few months. great post:)


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