Things to Know Before Going to a Festival

Hey all! The heatwave has lasted years it seems, so I hope you all are enjoying the sun as much as myself! Festivals are all around for these summer months, so I have some tips for those who are making a first time appearance.

1)Β  You will never be prepared for the weather, if it is boiling, raining or anything in between, there will always be something you need but don’t have (wellies, hat, etc).

2) To save money on food, take items that only need to have water added – many stalls will give you hot water for free or a maximum of 20p.

3) You can wear whatever you want, and no one will judge – it is a festival after all.

4) Drugs are a common thing, and a lot of people will be on them, just be aware.

5) Expect the majority of people to have poor hygiene.

6) Carry hand sanitizer around with you at all times, you are going to need it.

7) Nights are cold, so make sure you have enough bedding to prevent getting ill.

8) Go and see as many acts as possible, its usually the acts you didn’t expect to see that are usually the best.

9) Stay hydrated in all weather.

10) Take your own alcohol with you if you can, it is ridiculously expensive to buy in the arena.

11) If you want to smuggle anything into the arena it is pretty easy, sticking it down your trousers is the usual, but in my experience, men get searched more than women.

12) Glitter is a good way to cover up greasy hair.

13) Sleep with your valuables on you in a bum bag, less chance of it being stolen that way.

14) When leaving your tent at any time, leave your things at the back of the tent and not by the entrance, it is harder for thieves.

15) Buy a tent light, only 99p on the internet, it makes getting changed for bed a whole lot easier.

16) Get a double skin tent, a single layer will cause condensation and leave the inside of your tent soaking wet.

17) Pack light, you will be carrying everything after all!

18) The atmosphere is almost as good as the view, so don’t expect to be front row for everything.

19) Although the food is of a high standard usually,Β  be wary of where you go to eat, ensure it is legit, usually the bigger the queue, the better it may be.

20) ATMs are available, but they do take a fee, and most outlets only accept cash.

21) Keep your campsite tidy if you can, just makes it easier for those tidying up.

22) I seem to find that the more people you go with the better, transportation of your stuff is easier and there is always someone in the arena and campsite.

23) Leave early if you can, it is manic trying to leave on the last day.

24) If you can, get one of your friends to go early and set up camp, it saves you all going early or being crammed for space.

25) Have fun! the memories are irreplaceable so enjoy every minute!

Have you been to any festivals?


3 thoughts on “Things to Know Before Going to a Festival

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