Creating the Perfect Blog Post

Hey guys! I have been blogging for so long now, I have got to the point where I forgotten life without it, it has become a part of me. Over time, the process of writing and publishing posts has become much easier. Here are my tips and tricks to creating the perfect blog post.

Finding what your readers like:

In all honesty, the more blog posts you write, the easier this will be to determine. Keep an eye on your post stats, comparing themes of the most popular posts. Also, try to write posts that you actually enjoy writing – these always feel more passionate and genuine. If you are running low of inspiration, have a read of similar posts by other bloggers to boost your creative thoughts. Pinterest and Bloglovin’ are some of the best places to do this, as these are content sharing platforms.

Taking Photos:

This is a crucial part of blogging. The more photos a blog post has, the more interested readers tend to be. A key tip when uploading photos is to always change the name of the photos to something relevant, increasing the chance of photos appearing in search engines, linking to your post.

Most importantly, any photos taken and used have to be a good resolution. There is nothing worse than a pixelated flat lay as it looks fairly unprofessional. When taking a flat lay, it is important to have the centre piece item emphasised, while everything else in the photo is purely aesthetic. You should also edit all photos you upload, making sure they all compliment one another. I myself use VSCO to edit, using the A6 pre set, increasing exposure and decreasing contrast. A top tip for newbies – not every blogger has marble worktops (I know what a shock). To create the illusion of one, you can buy contact paper super cheap on EBay, or take wallpaper samples from home stores.

kylie jenner liquid lipstick

unicorn highlighter

nars sheer glow

Writing the post:

For some, this is the easiest part, I would be one to agree with that. I will only write posts that I have a genuine interest in, causing bursts of ideas as I write. For others, planning and research is key. Like writing an essay, a blog post needs a beginning, middle and end, with valid information in the middle. Ensuring this happens, some bloggers like to plan a draft and build upon that. Like an essay, grammar and spelling need to be spot on which is why proof reading is vital! If a post has a lot of mistakes it can come across very unprofessional, especially when working with a brand.

Before publishing your post it is key to categorise your post with the correct tags. This ensures that readers who are keen to read about a particular topic (makeup, lifestyle, travel, photography etc..) can be directed to your post, increasing chances of gaining followers.

Promoting your post:

Without this, chances of people reading your blog declines. Start with tags and categories when publishing, then begin to expand on social media. For me, Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin’ are the easiest ways to get your post ‘out there’. Share with appropriate hashtags to broaden your horizons. To share on Twitter, follow RT accounts; simply using their hashtag when sharing a post will allow your post to be visible to all their followers. On Instagram, join what is known as a pod, where like minded bloggers will post their latest photo in the group, with all members liking and commenting on it. For Bloglovin’ it is important to categorise your posts to make it nice and easy for readers to navigate. Do not take promotion for granted, as it is the easiest way to direct readers to your blog.

I hope this has helped a step by step guide to creating the perfect blog post; if there are any other tips or tricks you swear by, why not comment them below?


17 thoughts on “Creating the Perfect Blog Post

  1. Honesty is the best policy! I always like reading genuine thoughts (it’s ok to omit certain personal things). Pictures tell a thousand words. I am a big fan of the marble background! It’s amazing to see how many different blog RT accounts there are out there! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥


  2. Love this blog post easy to read and informative. I agree with sharing blog post through social media as these is where most off my traffic came from. Pinterest is also a great source, still working on it as well..
    Kaye –

    Liked by 1 person

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