Clown Glitter Halloween Tutorial

Happy Halloween guys! Cannot believe its October already! Considering I have had to last minute panic this year (I am usually organised and this is stressing me out), I thought I would share my last minute halloween makeup look for anyone needing help. So let’s get to it!

As I make so many mistakes, I chose to put my base on afterwards so save myself constantly touching up. For my eyeshadow look, I created a simple bronzed gold look with my Morphe 35k palette. Starting with a bronze tone as a transition shade, I used a darker shade on my crease and a lovely gold glitter shade on my lid (isn’t it annoying that the shades don’t have names). To make this glitter pop I added some of the shade Full Moon from my Too Faced Natural at Night palette and the champagne shade from the Morphe palette on my brow bone and inner corner.

To line I used the NYX Liquid Liner on my upper lashes and the Urban Decay Eyeliner on my bottom lashes. This was finished off with some of Urban Decay’s perversion mascara.

The clown triangles themselves are simple, the hardest part is making them symmetrical. I suggest using a ruler to make the lines as straight as possible, with the triangle underneath being thinner than the triangle above the brow. Use the centre of your eye as a starting point, with your triangle being either side of this mark.

For shading, I went for a dark smoky look but honestly you can go for whatever look you desire – clowns can be either dark or colourful. I started by filling the triangles with a light grey shade, and lining the shapes with my NYX Liner. I then use a black eyeshadow and a contour brush to smoke out the edges, this is why it does not matter if the lines are not smooth. I also add a little eyeshadow to connect the triangles to the eye and brow, making it look seamless. I then add gold glitter (these were from EBay, usually used as a festival glitter) to the centre of the triangles to make the look pop.

To make this look complete, you can also add dots above and below the triangles (which I forgot), as well as shading around the mouth and a circle on the nose to make this clown as scary and real as possible. I then continued this look by adding my foundation, and heavy bronzer and contour, in addition to highlight. For more on this check out my Evening Makeup Look. As I am not a lipstick wearer I finished the look off with some of Soap and Glory’s Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss (the smell is divine) and some of the Too Faced Eyeshadow to add a gold glow.

And there we have it, a quick and easy makeup look! What are you planning to dress up as for Halloween this year?


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