10 Ways to Organise your Life

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but most the time I am a little bundle of stress. I become overwhelmed with the daily challenges of cooking, cleaning, studying, blogging etc, which leave me feeling down and unproductive at the end of the day. Recently I have been trying new methods to combatting this stress, which in turn has resulted in a happier, healthier me. This is what I recommend to start with organising your life.

  1. Keep Things Clean.

Obviously this sounds like a really dumb thing to say, like of course I’m not gonna be dirty? Thing is, when there are so many other things that need to be done, having a little clean can get pushed to the bottom of the itinerary. That’s why I suggest to prioritise it, put cleaning at the top of your list and clear your space of anything you do not need. After all, a clean atmosphere leads to a happy atmosphere.

2. Set Daily Targets.

The issue I always had was I set weekly and monthly targets for myself, leaving me with the mentality of “it can be done later” which meant that nothing got done, or was left to the last minute.

3. Take Breaks to chill out.

There is nothing wrong with having a break when things are getting done, as putting your mind at ease can actually be helpful. Yes, the things on your list may take longer to complete but it is beneficial for having a good mind set throughout.

4. Timetabling.

To stay organised you must be aware of upcoming events and deadlines. This can help you plan your weekly and daily goals as you can prioritise the most important and upcoming challenges.


Procrastination is so easy I know, but do not hold back in getting things done. It makes things so much easier in the long run as there is no stressing about it, and also the satisfaction that brings is priceless. If you can, try and reward yourself, for example if a piece of work is handed in before the deadline, treat yourself. You deserve it!

6. Make a Routine.

There is nothing better than having a routine guys, I swear by it. Try to wake up at the same time everyday, then follow the same regimen everyday (skincare, breakfast, work / school, studying, eating, going to bed etc..) Sticking to a routine will add some structure in your life, but will also not impact your designated times to study (for example if you’re too tired or hungry.

7. Write Everything Down.

Whether it is a little bit of inspo, or a to do list, writing notes helps to organise your life. Instead of having to think about a million things an hour, focus on writing it down, and work on the bigger things. Decluttering your mind set will help to see things with a clear outlook.

8. Money Management

A lot of stresses are eradicated by using money management. This can be as simple as setting a budget for the week, make a spending list for the week or just try to spend as little as possible. Any of these methods will probably see you have more cash in the back pocket, leaving you to be able to treat yourself when you have achieved all you deadlines.

9. Clean home, clean mind, clean inbox.

Keep your inbox clear guys! I’m not the only you subscribed to some irrelevant things some years ago and keeps getting emails from them right? Well make that change and dump them, all they are doing is cluttering your life. Then you can see what really is important right in front of you – how efficient?

10. Take Care of Yourself.

This is the most important factor. At the end of the day, organising your life is supposed to make your day to day routine easier, not more stressful. As always, health and wellbeing comes first, and if its all too much, then speak to someone (or delegate tasks if you can).

So there we have it, the ten ways I have organised my life? Have you guys changed anything recently?


16 thoughts on “10 Ways to Organise your Life

  1. I loved reading this! Being organised is definitely something I want to improve on so I’ll definitely be taking your tips on board, I love the idea of making daily goals, that’s something I’ll be doing more xx
    Chlo x -chlolauren.com

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  2. Great advice! My favorite thing to do right now is write things down. Since I am always busy with something, I tend to forget a lot of things, but writing down my plans for the day has helped me a lot too!

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  3. Some great tips here. I definitely agree with keeping to a routine!! But, you know that inbox trips us all up. I’m pretty sure I’ve got about 4,537 emails sitting in mine.🙊

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