Ways To Use Zoflora

Hey all! Adulting means cleaning after yourself, and luckily I am one that loves to clean. My holy product at the moment is Zoflora. For anyone that hasn’t heard of this, Zoflora is a liquid disinfectant, killing 99.9% of bacteria and removing smells at the source – with an amazing variety of scents. The beauty is that you can do so much with it!

1) Clean your radiators: To this this, make sure that your radiator is off, and use a dry cloth to wipe the Zoflora across the radiator. As soon as you put the heating on, the scent will spread across your room.

2) As a toilet disinfectant: I am a sucker for clean scents in the bathroom, and this is the perfect way to keep your toilet free of bacteria and smelling great. Just pop a capful in the loo at the end of the night or into the cistern, and it will be in perfect condition come morning.

3) Cleaning the sink: A quick and easy hack is to clean your sinks overnight. Just fill the sink with boiling water and a capful of Zoflora before bed, adding your dishcloths to this, and by the morning everything will be disinfected and ready to use.

4) Homemade reed diffuser: Ran out of diffuser oil? When Zoflora can do the trick. Just add this to the empty diffuser bottle, and let the scents fill your room. Admittedly, the reeds do need rotating more than usual, although this is a quick and easy way to resolve an empty diffuser.

5) Mopping the floor: Zoflora can also be diluted, so add this to water and you have the perfect solution to clean the floor.

6) Wiping down surfaces: Another hack is to add diluted Zoflora to surfaces in a spray bottle. It is just as effective as standard alternatives (and works out cheaper too).

7) Keeping the bin smelling fresh: As a student, it is very easy to forget to take the bin out, leaving an awful stench in your kitchen. A solution to this is to add a Zoflora coated kitchen towel into the bottom of your bin to prevent stenches.

8) Smelly shoes: This is easily caused, and is such a pain to get rid of the smell. Simply add a tissue soaked with Zoflora into the shoe, pressing it down and leave overnight. By the morning your shoes should be smelling fresh!

9) Car air vents: Again, another easy way to keep things fresh, just dilute the Zoflora and wipe onto the vents with a cloth, and wait for the smell to come through.

10) Into the Washing Machine: I personally love this hack. Not only will this ensure that your clothes are free of bacteria, but will also have them smelling lovely – just add 1 capful to the fabric softener compartment on a hot cycle!

And there we have it, for anyone wondering, Zoflora is available in most supermarkets and Pound stores in the cleaning section, and have a variety of scents to choose from. Have you guys ever used Zoflora? If you have what do you use it for?


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