My Christmases’ Through The Years #Blogmas

Hey everyone! Wow, I’m really getting into the spirit of Christmas now, especially with all these Christmas themed posts. Today I’m going to be looking at my Christmases’ through the years in the form of photos. So sit back, relax, and be prepared to say awww.

My first Christmas (2000) :

Christmas 2002 (3 years old) :


Christmas 2003 (4 years old)


Christmas 2004 (5 years old)

Christmas 2006 (7 years old)

Christmas 2009 (10 years old)


After this I hit the “don’t take photos of me stage”, happened to us all I guess, so here are some recent photos!

Christmas 2016 (17 years old)

Christmas 2017 (18 years old)


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