Zara Haul & Try On

Hey all, seems like I am turning into a fashion blogger you know, 2 posts in a row, that’s 2 more than the first 2 years of blogging! Anyway, post Christmas, I had to exploit the January sales and pick up a few things from Zara. Here’s what I purchased.

Sparkly Top:

Perfect for either dressing up with a skirt or dressing down with a pair of jeans, this top is lovely. It is a long sleeve slightly elasticated top with metallic sparkles and a copper rimmed edge. I bought this purely due to its versatility and uniqueness. A huge perk is that it is not itchy, which is usually expected with these kinds of tops. Overall, a solid purchase.

Zara clothing

Zara clothing sparkly top


Zara Woman T-shirt

My god this is one of the comfiest tops I have ever owned. It is perfect to lounge around in and dressed up for the perfect day out. I loved how baggy this shirt was, without looking too oversized, and the pop of colour from the light brown really does add to it.

Zara clothing stripy top

Zara clothing stripy top


Stripy T-Shirt

Perfect for lounging around, this t shirt was an absolute steal. I love the tied up bottom too, as I  usually feel like crop tops are not shaped that well. Paired with some Mom jeans adds an effortless feel to the look. Again this is incredibly soft and so comfortable to wear.

Zara clothing crop top

Zara clothing crop top


Black and White Jumper

As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to buy it. The material was just so thick and the perfect sort of knitwear, as it is also tight fitting. I especially like the white frills on the jumper, its a real nice touch that adds to the item.

Zara clothing knitted jumper

Zara clothing knitted jumper


When in Zara, I have to go and buy some jeans. For me, these are some of my favourites and a staple item in my wardrobe. This specific pair are ankle grazers with a few little tears along the jeans. Although I am a size 10, I tried this on in an 8 and they fit perfectly.

Zara clothing jeans






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