Why Planning a Holiday Does Not Need to Be Difficult

For anyone that knows me, I am one of organisation, thorough planning and at least 48 hours notice for anything. So when it comes to holidays, a year is required. Living a little is essential for a happy life it seems – having money in the bank just becomes a number after a while. Here’s why a break away should not cause a world of stress.

Most importantly, a holiday is made for escaping from reality. Daily stresses are thrown out the window, experiencing cultures, climates and food. When it is put like that, why do we all worry about what is supposed to be stress free?

When it comes to planning and booking – yes sometimes there are time constraints. If you’re booking a 24 hour flight for example, you might need more than 72 hours. However, for stay-cations, 72 hours may be all you need.


Most holidays usually involve more than one person going too right? Joint planning or delegating roles can make the task a lot easier, and fun too. Putting trust in others can be difficult, but it can add to the memories you look back on – especially when it goes wrong!


What I get particularly worried about is what I am going to wear. I always think a trip abroad means a completely new wardrobe and shoes to match. However, as my Dad always says, you are never going to see anyone you know, most the time never see the same person twice, so why go to such an effort? Cutting all this time out significantly reduces time required, and saves cash.

One thing that is well and truly brilliant about being spontaneous – the deals and offers. For off peak seasons, prices come plummeting down, reducing the financial burden. Many sites now offer a wider range of package deals, meaning you still have the element of choice rather than being restricted to the limits of a brochure.



Holiday planning really does not need to become a challenge, after all it is all about having fun! I am in no way encouraging anyone to do something that is out of their means, just not saying no and letting excuses win. Although two holidays, a festival and a couple of day trips here and there is enough for this gal in 2019 – there’s always space for another one right?!

Are you planning a future holiday? Do you get stressed about it?

8 thoughts on “Why Planning a Holiday Does Not Need to Be Difficult

  1. I love this!!! this is so motivating, and you are so right- it is alll about prioritizing and just making it happen! Thanks for sharing , Sophia. Also , I adore these pics ! So pretty!


  2. I don’t tend to stress about planning holidays but I do tend to over plan…like I look too much into things before booking something and sometimes feel like I research too much 😂🙈 x


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