How To Cut Down On Sugar

Hey guys! In a world where we are so conscious about what we eat and what’s in our food, its becoming more important to follow a healthy lifestyle. As someone who is on the cusp of diabetes (genetic), I have to watch the amount of sugar I consume each day. Here’s what I do to watch my diet.

  • Use the dietary guidelines on food packaging, they are a direct comparison with what you should be eating.
  • Remember that everyone is different, and for that reason dietary guidelines change. As I am small and weigh less, I don’t feel obliged to eat the same amounts as those around me.
  • Make your own snacks in advance so you don’t head towards the treat cupboard!
  • Just because something is “Zero Sugar” or a super healthy alternative, it is usually higher in fat content, making it just as bad as before.
  • When making meals, up the portion of vegetables, they will fill you up just as much and they have very little natural sugar.
  • Sugar syrups are your best friend. These have a zero sugar content, and is an easy way to substitute in your diet. I tend to put this in my tea and coffee instead of sugar.
  • Do not remove all sugar from your diet, withdrawal can cause several side effects, headaches and tiredness to name a few.
  • Brown bread and white bread have the same amount of sugar – which is against popular belief. Brown bread however breaks down sugar slower in your system, so ultimately is better for you.
  • Carbohydrates have more sugar in than once thought – watch out for refined sugar when looking at the guidelines on pasta and rice.
  • Refined sugar is a carbohydrate that your body can digest quickly for energy. This can be found in fizzy drinks, desserts and processed food. This is the bad type of sugar, one that it usually hidden in foods you would not imagine, so watch out.
  • Fruit has a lot of natural sugar – although you should eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, having more than 2 portions of fruit could be more detrimental than good.
  • As well as syrups, honey can be a great alternative. A natural product, it also has great antibacterial benefits.
  • Breakfast cereal is very high in sugar so watch out for blowing your daily intake in one sitting.

Hope this helped! Have you got any tips to staying healthy?


10 thoughts on “How To Cut Down On Sugar

  1. I’m avoiding sugar & it’s helping me lose weight. Doesn’t hurt that I’ve got a weight loss bet going on Healthy Wage, too. Check out the book “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty (first released in 1975) if you haven’t read it before. It’s a classic!


  2. It’s such a truck when you pick up zero sugar stuff and then see there’s a kilo of fat inside 😣 About two years ago I cut refined sugars out of my diet for health reasons and i honestly wouldn’t go back to. It’s crazy because now the smallest thing tastes way sweeter than it did before! X


    1. I completely get you! I have to get zero everything now,and even just looking at pre-made desserts in supermarkets has me chocked – how on earth can they justify having so much sugar in them!x


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