7 Ways To Make Your Face Glow: Love Your Skin

February 1, 2020
Vitamin C Oil Cleanser

Let’s be honest, most of the time, we are our worst critic. Not embracing the best part of ourselves, our beauty, and accepting and being happy with the way we are (and the way we look) is an absolute struggle. Here are 4 tips to make your face glowing and beautiful, as well as ways you can love your skin once again!


Vitamins are so important for our bodies and equally as important for our skin so it’s always good to have a few staple pieces to use every day to give your skincare routine an extra boost.

I popped into Superdrug a few weeks back and saw that they had released a new vitamin C skincare range and was so intrigued so I picked up a few items; a oil cleanser and a concentrated booster which is like a serum.

Why is vitamin C important I hear you ask! Well, according to the packaging vit. c is an antioxidant so it’s great for detoxifying skin which will naturally brighten it. Definitely what my skin needs this time of year.

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The booster is great because it can be used on its own or mixed with moisturiser. Personally I use it on its own before I moisturise and it's a little bottle of heaven. It absorbs nicely into the skin without leaving it feeling or looking greasy and it smells incredible! It's also gentle enough to use twice a day which is an added bonus.

The oil cleanser took a bit of getting used too because I have never used one before; I've been loving the hot cloth one from Aldi. After I cleanse with micellar water, I set my face slightly and the apply this so it goes a bit milky looking (that sounds so gross, sorry haha!) And then I will go in with a Foreo to really work it into my skin. The only way to describe it is that it melts off any makeup and leaves your skin looking and feeling so clean and healthy and again smells unreal. It's gotten to the point now that I actually look forward to do my full skincare routine at the end of the day.

Vitamin C Oil Cleanser

Since using it I have definitely noticed a slight different in my skin looking a bit brighter which I am happy with. Have you ever used a vitamin enriched skincare product and if so what was it? I am also looking for more recommendations.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

You can never achieve totally healthy skin if you don’t hydrate. Your body would be hydrated from the inside out if you drink plenty of water.

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When you are properly hydrated, your skin’s oil glands receive a signal from your brain that no additional oil is needed to moisten or hydrate the body, and your skin will be balanced and fresh as a result of the lack of excessive sebum output.

Drinking plain old water becomes tedious after a while, and with our hectic lives, it’s difficult to remember to do so. So set an alarm on your phone just to remind you to drink water. Try bottles which you can count your intake on, it’s an easy way to make it competitive, increasing your intake. You may also add some cut-up lemon, lime, or cucumber bits, or put it in a pretty bottle to make it more attractive to drink. As well as making you love your skin, drinking more water will make you healthier too.

Know When Your Face Needs Washing

Our face is something we know better than anyone else – so listen out for the signs as to when to wash. It is a free way to look after our skin!


Overnight skin care products can leave a residual film or create dead skin that you do not want on your face during the day. Clean your skin, ready to apply day moisturisers.


We deal with so many particulates throughout the day. Grease, dirt, pollution – everything worsens the skin over a long period of time. Get into the habit of washing your face before bed to ensure you are not just applying skincare products to dirty skin.

When Do I Wash For The 3rd Time?

Sometimes our skin needs another wash – that is perfectly normal. Think about whether you have cooked something particularly greasy, or you have decided to go to the gym. Sweaty skin can leave lots of germs on the skin – causing breakouts and unnecessary oil.

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Try Eco-Products

Usually, products that are organic and eco friendly are great for your skin. Trying skincare items that are cruelty-free can help you to be prouder about what you use. Consider trying oil blotting paper (to keep the glow manageable), and reusable cotton makeup pads to avoid harsh wipes on your skin. Love your skin and the products you use.

Use Hydrating Products For A Quick Fix

In the past, a lot of us used products like Witch Hazel and other alcohol-laden products to tone our skin after cleansing. These products were basically doing more harm than good by drying out our skin instead of hydrating. Get yourself a good hydrating toner that has humectants like Glycerine, Aloe Vera or Hyaluronic Acid and see your skin flourish. This should be your first port of call. Literally. If you’re anything like me and suffer from dry dehydrated skin and would want to step up your hydration levels, get into Korean essences. They will save your life.

Introduce Serums Into Your Life

Now, The Ordinary is the hyped about product in recent times, which is why it had to be added to my collection. For those who don’t know, I suffer from hyperpigmentation and scarring, which used to be controlled by medication, but since completing my run of it I wanted to look for other methods. I bought both the 2% Salicylic Acid and 10% Niacinamide & 2% Zinc. These have been an absolute godsend, I cannot rave about these products enough! I can skip the facial and expensive treatments! My scars have significantly reduced, they haven’t gone yet but that’s due to having them for so many years. 3 months later however and my dark spots have drastically reduced, and with the Niacinamide being Vitamin C it promotes skin rejuvenation – making my skin so soft and improving how makeup sits on the face. Could not recommend these products enough, especially as they are so affordable! Check out their shop!

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Do you love your skin?

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    February 4, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    I was unaware Superdrug did a vitamin C range! I’m going to have to invest as my skin always looks so dull this time of year. Loved this review! Xx

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