5 Tips To Have The Best Couples Staycation EVER!

June 27, 2021

We all know the benefits of getting away, especially on a couples staycation. There is no doubt that there is a direct correlation between travel and increased health because of the significant stress reduction. Therefore, travelling is something you should endeavour to do more in your life. In addition, immersing yourself in different cultures and lifestyles makes you more creative and tolerant of differences in everyday life. You may discover local tourist attractions that you ignored before. The following travel tips will guide you and maximise the fun during the staycation:

At the moment, you still need to adhere to travel restrictions. As a result, travelling abroad is not an option at this time. So, the next option is home travel or a staycation, even a road trip, to explore the wonders of your country during this chaotic period and enjoy time together.

Romantic staycations will not replace the comfort and luxury of hotel rooms, but it is the next best option during these times. Of course, you’re likely to miss the long soaks in the bath and sipping wine in the hotel quality bathrobes, but you can reignite a parallel reality through a weekend getaway, making for the perfect date night. 

Moreover, hotels across your country will offer affordable packages due to the unique circumstances. Better yet, you can rent an Airbnb with a partner and enjoy the experience. Always remember to use an incognito tab or clear website uses cookies to gain the best price without bias.

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Cook Your Favorite Cuisine

While travelling to Italy will give you constant access to world-class pasta cuisines, you can recreate these meals through YouTube tutorials. Making such a meal gives you a similar experience and fulfilment. 

At the same time, do not daydream about your desired destination’s cuisine but rather enjoy the scenery and breeze at your current location.

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Shake Up a Cocktail

There is something about cocktails that transfer you into a vacation. Making your favourite cocktail will genuinely elevate your mood and solidify the holiday spirit. Who knows, maybe after a few glasses, you won’t even realise you are still in your home country. 

You can share this cocktail with friends and encourage everyone to make their favorite cocktail recipes for a mini-cocktail tasting. Most of your friends will enjoy such a fun activity. 

Staying in a rental Airbnb is exhausting if there are no fun activities around you. Take the initiative and come up with different ways to entertain yourself because most recreational centers will be out of bounds.

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Learn a New Language

You can utilize your getaway as an opportune time to improve your French, Mandarin, or English speaking skills. If you had plans to go to these regions before the travel restrictions, you could sharpen your speaking skills in preparation for your visit in the future.

Moreover, using this time to learn a skill is very constructive since you would not do it on an ordinary day. Languages are a mirror of the culture of a community, and therefore you will be one step closer to those regions. In a sense, you’ll be visiting these places through their language. 

Moreover, whenever you get there, you will have little to no language barrier.

Connect With Nature Away From People

Several research articles testify that you will benefit from the healing power of nature if you take a walk or a hike on mountains. Therefore, if you feel stressed or overwhelmed, take a camping trip to a cabin or a hike to decongest your mind.

At the end of the trip, you will not only feel rejuvenated but transformed in terms of appreciation for nature. Get to know your partner better with a couples staycation that involved teamwork and fun!

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After a long time, the life of partying and overindulgence does get to you and nature, and sightseeing is the best remedy. 

Even if it’s your first time, you could join other hiking club members, go into the forests, or climb mountains close to home. Try something new! These trips can also act as weight loss activities because, unlike other vacations, they actively affect your health and fitness. Consider day trips to ease your way in.

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Have a Spa Treatment

Assuming you have been to a spa at least once in your life, you can understand the soothing and relaxing services available. You can recreate this energy with a facial treatment, body scrubs, steam baths, pedicures and manicures, and body hair removal.

The amount of spa day activities you can have depends on the facilities available. However, at the bare minimum, you can have a warm soak in the bathtub. 

In addition, you can spice up the scene and add to the romantic staycation vibe with some scented candles and aromatherapy. Spend time relaxing!

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Final Thoughts

Couples staycations are the new normal. So, embrace them and get creative with different date ideas to keep you entertained. Please do not shy away from trying out various activities you enjoy together to stimulate the holiday spirit of blissfulness. But, ultimately, it is always up to you to keep your energy high despite the circumstances. 

I hope you enjoyed these couples staycation ideas? Why don’t you check out the idea of a spontaneous staycation – even in your living room or own backyard – maybe even consider a hotel staycation!

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