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Hiya! Thank you for checking into my blog. Guess you are here to find out a bit more about me huh? Well, here it is. I am Sophia, I am 21 and I am a town girl. I started this blog in 2015 as a new years resolution and an outlet from a rough few years. 6 years on, the rough years have disappeared and yet I am still typing.

I have been blogging right through my education and Marketing degree, so have had my fair share of life experience. If I am not blogging, I am binge-watching Netflix series, cleaning, renovating my house or experimenting in the kitchen. I have recently got into travelling and exploring the world again after a decade break and it has been lovely to understand different cultures.

Every year of blogging has brought its own challenges and achievements, and I like to believe my content has grown from strength to strength. Lockdown has taught me that this is what I want to do, so from August 2020, I started to invest (time and money) into my blog. Becoming a full-time blogger is something I am definitely trying to work out, and slowly and surely – hopefully with some self-belief I will get there.

Now what should you expect from my blog? I started as a beauty blogger, and I guess now you will probably see 3 beauty posts a year. My main calling is blogging help for beginners, and all things home, finance and well-being. If I am being honest, it is what I know. So that is what I will share. I do hope you stick around and enjoy what you read.


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