Things I Learned During My First Year at University

After a month of stressing about exams and forgetting to eat, my first year of university is finally over. I has been an interesting 8 months, with some whirlwind emotions but I can definitely say that I have not regretted a second. For anyone planning to go to university, here are some things I have noticed along the way.

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A Day Out In Lincoln

As I have finally finished my first year of university, I have finally begun to enjoy the summer of. My friend Rachel invited me up to visit her in Lincoln (where she is at university), and in addition to a good catch up, this was the perfect opportunity to witness the beauty of this city.

IMG_9625 (1)

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Brand Focus: Organic Youth Skincare

2018 has been the year of reinventing my skincare routine, and Green People’s Organic Youth Skincare came at the perfect time. Aimed at providing organic products for teenage skin, this cruelty free, sensitive skin and beauty brand delivers a cure for problematic skin. I was lucky enough to be able to try these products myself, and these are my thoughts.

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Gift Ideas for Her

Hey all! This time of year always brings birthdays which means I need to be creative to find the most thoughtful presents. Thanks to both Personalized Cartand Radiance Ringwho have made this challenge much easier, introducing me to some wonderful products. Without further ado, here are some of the places I go when buying presents.

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Carbon Coco Ultimate Carbon Kit – The Search for Whiter Teeth

Hey! I am forever on the search for pearly whites, as an avid tea and coffee drinker I definitely pay the price. That’s why I was extremely chuffed when Carbon Coco got in touch and wanted to send me their Ultimate Carbon Kit. I have been trying this product out for a couple weeks now, and am ready to give my honest verdict.

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