From a Bedroom to Office in £100?! 13 Tips For The Perfect Budget Renovation!

October 12, 2020

Hey guys, hope you are all well! Lockdown has got us all trying to keep ourselves occupied in the home, and decorating seems like one of the top ways we kept sane. As my Dad is now working from home, we felt like our home needed a spruce up. We have two bedrooms that are currently not being used so it felt like the perfect time for a little sprucing up. Here is how I turned a bedroom into an office – and more importantly, how it became a budget renovation!

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Paint The Room Yourself

I understand that this can be daunting and challenging, but painting a room yourself is a hell of a lot more economical than getting the decorators in. Within my office, I had purple walls to begin with, with the end goal being white walls. Two and a half coats with Johnstone’s “Pure Brilliant White” did the trick. At £11 for 2.5 litres, it is more than an affordable option.

In terms of paint brushes, I have really searched far and wide for a go-to, and nothing compares to the Harris Essentials Pack. For £2.50 (in B&M) for 5 brushes, you get all you need – and the surprising thing is that they can be used time and time again with no bristles falling out. B&M has an amazing branded paint range below the steep prices of B&Q. Alongside feature wall paint, they offer metal paint and sprays, exterior paint, bathroom and kitchen paint, furniture paint, radiator paint – the list goes on I swear. Definitely worth a look.

budget renovation office before

budget renovation office after

Re-use What You Have

I feel like I am stating the obvious here, but sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in the whole “its a new room so needs new furnishings”. You may find that an item actually fits better in the new room than the one.

Check Clearance Bargains

Clearance does not mean faulty. It usually alludes to out of seasons or too much stock – it is just a method of replenishing what they need and don’t need. What I find is that a clearance price is closer to the figure I would be willing to pay as opposed to the original featured price; helping towards achieving a true budget renovation. There is an Argos Clearance Store around 10 miles from me, where they sell furniture and items they can no longer sell in-store. Instead of paying the retail £50 on a desk and side cabinet, I paid a grand total of £11.99, in addition to a Flexi lamp for £2.99.

Pound Shops are Surprisingly Good

I have come to love Poundland in the last couple of years because they really seemed to have upped their game. I get all my stationery from there, and some of my kitchen utensils from my first year of uni (I have graduated now) are still in full working order. Let’s be honest, Poundland is the definition of budget renovation. Their homeware sections provide a lot in the sense of storage and scents for the home. My office has a Coconut Room spray and it is honestly so refreshing -nothing you would expect from a pound.

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You could also consider getting all of your office supplies from one place. is great for offering everything you need to keep going, as well as commercial items should you need to place an order for work. I swear, it has never been easier to buy items you did not know you needed.

The Best Photo Frames are From Poundland

Okay okay, this is sort of interlinked with the last one. I stumbled across these in the store, and there is nothing more surprising than finding photo frames for a pound. Although they don’t do A4 – they do offer certificate frames, 8×10, A3 and 2 4×6 for a pound. The colours offered are: grey, black, white, silver and gold. I have been using these for months and so far none have failed me.

Do Not Try and Complete Everything at Once

By doing this, the likelihood of spending more is high. Instead, try to pace it a little – as I always say to myself, get the room working first and the finishing touches can be added over time.

You Do Not Have to Always Use Items For Their Intended Purpose

For example, I usually put fairy lights inside mini candle holders to brighten up a room, and pencil pots are made from makeup brush holders. Thinking outside the box can really make a difference.


Before renovating a room, make sure to have a rough idea of what you are thinking, and get it down on paper. Work on colour schemes and positioning of items, because I can assure you – an initial plan is never exact to the final project. Get the creative juices flowing and allow some space and time for ideas to bounce about.

On that note – do not buy what you do not need. Yes, lots of things are pretty, but the last thing you need is a cluttered room. A more airy, spaced out environment allows for a calmer feel, and obviously more organised.

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Do Not Pay More Than you Need To

When doing my research and shopping, I found one thing. Mirrors can be so expensive. I love mirrors, and for me, the more the merrier. However, set a price limit specific to the size of mirror you are looking for, because it is quite easy to spend hundreds. I got one for my office from Home Bargains, which came to the grand total of £3.99.

Get Artsy

Collect and position artwork in the room that reflects you. I am not one for quotes, but a simple “relax” sign in the bathroom for example can set the mood of the room. This can be an affordable way to add some personality to the room without breaking the bank. Many times people will not know the cost of a piece of artwork, and the cost can be reduced if the item and frame are bought from separate sellers.

Photos Are Your Friend

On that note, include family photos and add some warmth to your home. We all have some – even a travel magnet area, or the kid’s schoolwork hung up – anything that will match the purpose and theme of the walls. This could turn a room from a show home to a family home.

Get Others Involved

You never know, you might have a loved one who has a hobby that could save you pennies. I have a friend who upholsters chairs for example. Second hand is also an option, as well as the renovation of single items. Extend to your inner circle and see what people can offer. Even advice – some may have gone through the same thing, have leftover resources, can lend a hand, or know which shade of grey to use. This is an outlet that in some cases, can be more valuable than all.

Setting A Budget

Budget renovation wouldn’t be anything without setting a budget. Do what you can without outsourcing and know what the maximum amount you can spend is. There is nothing worse than going over budget, so wherever you can, try not to.

Hope this has helped! How would you plan a budget renovation project?

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  • Reply
    Jodie | That Happy Reader
    October 13, 2020 at 6:28 pm

    Great job! I love how you’ve changed this room so economically – the use of pound shops/dollar stores cannot be overstated!

    • Reply
      Sophia Patel
      October 13, 2020 at 6:31 pm

      Thank you so much! Too right, such an easy way to grab a bargain!

  • Reply
    October 29, 2020 at 6:52 am

    Love the new look of your room! I am also planning on converting our spare bedroom to a home office, so thank you for the inspo!!

    Udeety |

    • Reply
      Sophia Patel
      November 3, 2020 at 9:19 pm

      i am beyond glad i could help! Thanks for reading!!

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