Benefits of Staying At Home: Life In Lockdown

September 21, 2020
covid 19 benefits and downfalls

We have been dealing with quarantine/lockdown for what feels like an eternity now at this rate. Everyone has their own personal experience with being in lockdown, but overall, we can definitely say this is something new and an experience some of us are still trying to get used too. Although the situation is bad, being stuck inside and away from work hasn’t been all bad for me. Below are some benefits of staying at home and some ways drawbacks.

Benefits of Staying At Home

1. More time to learn/grow.

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I’m a blogger, but I’m also working on my future business and brand in general. A benefit of staying at home is that it has given me so much time that I would’ve never had if this didn’t happen. Since quarantine, I have done a 30-day business and branding boot camp, joined a free 3 day Instagram challenge, and attended a marketing class. All of this was virtual, and none of it would’ve happened if I didn’t have as much time as I do. There’s always learning that needs to be done, and now I have so many notes to look back on and study.

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2. The ability to develop my own routine and schedule.

I truly love that I’ve been able to do this. I hate being on someone else’s schedule or having to figure out how I’m going to get content out when I need to during the time that I’m working. Since where I worked wasn’t considered essential, I was furloughed. With this being the case, that meant I was at home and didn’t have to worry about the first thing coming to mind when waking up being “Ugh I have work!”

  Instead, I’ve been able to formulate my own morning routines. They start off so peaceful (as peaceful as they can get living with others), and the anxiety feeling of what craziness will happen at my job no longer exists. The benefits of staying at home has allowed me to create my own schedule focused on working on my blog and future business.

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3. Being able to quit my anxiety-inducing job.

Okay, so I know it might seem crazy, like there are some people who are just dying to get back to work. But, I’m sure those people probably find some enjoyment in what they’re doing and love having their own separate space away from home for working. This is not the case for me.

First, I didn’t work in a 9-5 desk job type of establishment. It was more like one of those places where, unless you’re in high school, need a job while you’re in college, or plan on going for a manager position then it really isn’t worth staying there. That job gave me so much anxiety and I received so much crap from customers. I was absolutely not getting paid enough for what I went through. Not enough money in the world could let me stay there over picking my mental health if I could help it. So, when the chance came to tell them I wasn’t coming back, I took it!

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4. I was able to learn how to save and manage money.

I was very blessed, to say the least with being able to have money coming in every week due to being furloughed. I was paid much more money and more often than when I was working. Due to this, I’ve been able to save up a good amount of money and learn how to manage it. This is also how I felt comfortable enough to quit. I would’ve never been able to prior unless I applied for a new job first.

I’m still learning how to save up and not go spend crazy, but I’m doing so much better with handling my funds and have even made a special purchase that hasn’t been announced yet.


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1. Not being able to change up the scenery when working.

So, I love my little workspace that I’m creating. However, no matter how much you love a spot, sometimes you want to switch it up on the occasion. That is how I am. I wouldn’t go too often, but before quarantine, I would go downtown to the local coffee shops and get some work done. There’s just something about being in an environment with other people working and the lovely smell of coffee that gets my inspiration going.

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2. Not being able to see my friends.

As an only child, my friendships mean a lot to me. Not being able to be around them and hang out like we used to has really affected my mental health a bit here and there. The jokes we’d make and how silly we always act around each other was/is almost like a form of therapy. Anything I had going on is forgotten when I’m with my friends, so that’s something really missed.

One thing we make sure to do is to keep each other updated in our group chat. It’s not the same as seeing each other physically, but at least we try our best to make sure we’re all kept in the loop about our endeavours.

So, that has been my own personal experience being in lockdown. Of course, there are some bads, but I’m so grateful to have more benefits than not.

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Did you have any benefits of staying at home?

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  • Reply
    Kiki ♡₊˚༄˳
    September 22, 2020 at 11:39 pm

    ireally liked being able to leave my JOBS. like omg… no reason to stay at a job, pandemic or not, if it’s not worth your mental health to stay there. even if you are being paid a lot. you are accepting that you deserve to be treated like garbage if you stay. same thing with relationships tbh
    im so happy i left RIGHT BEFORE COVID ARRIVED and have been working on my own biz and other self care stuff.
    thanks for sharing!

    • Reply
      Sophia Patel
      September 23, 2020 at 2:06 pm

      so important to put yourself first, good on you!

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