Halloween Laceration Tutorial

Hey all, its that time of year again! I absolutely love going all out for Halloween, the only time where you simply can’t be overdressed! If you’re stuck for ideas, check out this tutorial, its cheap, easy and definitely shows you made an effort.

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Birthday Wishlist

Hey everyone! As you may, or may not know, it is my 18th birthday at the end of the month (the last day to be precise). In the UK it is one of the “biggies”, as it means you can legally do everything – turning 18 means embarking into adulthood. This is the second year I am making a wishlist (you can check last years one here: 2016 Birthday Wishlist ). As always, I am not trying to be naggy or needy, but these are things I look to purchase in the coming months anyway – not things I expect to get from others. Hope you enjoy!

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