Covid19 in the 7th least visited country in the world, Equatorial Guinea: Rumbo Malabo

September 11, 2020
Equatorial Guinea Tourism

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Nuevas actividades centradas en el turismo local

The arrival of the dreaded coronavirus in Equatorial Guinea has had a great impact on our lives. From the point of view of a traveller, and of a tour operator; it is easy to assume that it has been an almost fatal blow. But to think just that would be a big mistake.

This quarantine time has helped me to focus on the way forward for my business. Special attention should be paid to local tourism over and above international tourism. For this, from Rumbo Malabo, we have dedicated a great effort to know first what our compatriots seek or demand from us.

We have postponed large-scale activities at great expense to the detriment of small activities and investments in more playful and accessible activities. To give some examples, we have partnered with the bicycle company –Bike and Tech– to develop bicycle tours along the coast of Sipopo.

At first, it may seem unattractive to the international tourist, but it has meant quite a revolution in the city of Malabo. It was the first excursion made by and for our local fellows. Both the departure and the itinerary were focused on their needs.

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Discovering our surroundings

Another important change was due to mobility restrictions between autonomies or regions. Due to this unforeseen situation, we go to discover our surroundings. Areas such as Riaba or Baney have always remained hidden from our eyes.

As you can see, it has been a real privilege to have access to such hidden and yet undiscovered landscapes. It may seem like an anecdote, but this has radically changed the way we organize activities for our customers. Unique and unspoiled places have been taken more and more importance.

Uncovering secret stories

Does the story of Mother Bisila ring a bell? I’d be surprised if you even knew it exists. It is a story very well kept by the Bubi culture about, what is considered the Mother of the entire island of Bioko.

In the middle of the pandemic, on August 15, a pilgrimage is made to the Basilé peak, more than 3000 meters high to honor the patron saint of the island.

As it could not be otherwise, we joined her and discovered her true history from the hands of experts in the field. Without a doubt, it was one of our best decisions.

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