Daily Practices That Will Raise Your Vibration and Improve Your Frequency

February 18, 2020

Lately it has been very trendy on social media to refer to one’s vibration or “vibes.” Almost everywhere you look clever hashtags are popping up: #raiseyourvibration, #positivevibesonly, #yourvibeattractsyourtribe etc. It seems that the term ‘vibes’ has become a colloquialism, but what does it actually mean? To raise your vibration? How do vibes work and how can they benefit us? 

Defining Vibrational Energy

We are all energetic beings. As such, we carry with us a vibration. Everything about how we choose to live ultimately impacts this energetic vibration. 

raise your vibration

If you’re having trouble visualizing this concept try humming for a few seconds. Humming allows you to feel a vibration. It is a gentle wave-like pulsing. Vibrations can be physically felt but do exist beyond the realm of sensory detection. Without having conscious awareness of this ever-present reverberation we emit it can be difficult to connect with, control and modify.

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Creating an awareness of your vibration is the first step to harnessing its power to your benefit. 

How do Vibes Work?

Simply put, vibrations can be classified as positive or negative (aka higher and lower level vibrational energy). Everything you do, say and think impacts your vibration. 

The presence of negativity in your life will cause a low vibrational footprint. When things aren’t going well for us we carry feelings of heaviness, our inspiration and motivation is impacted, and we don’t feel like our best self. Most will want to escape these feelings, but often don’t know how to. Getting stuck in a series of bad days, or the popular mentality that “bad things happen in threes,” is a perfect example of why your vibration is important.

Our energy is subject to the law of attraction. Metaphysically, this means we receive back whatever vibration we are expelling, whether it be voluntary OR involuntary. By aligning or dwelling in low-level thoughts or emotions we are essentially sending a subliminal message that this is how we want to feel. 

In these low moments it is useful to have a working knowledge of how vibes can help you. When anger, anxiety, or depression occur we become consumed by them and block higher vibrations. This blockade can be likened to saying “No, thank you” to good feelings. Implementing daily practices that will help to raise your vibration will elevate what you are attracting back into your life experiences. 

It is unrealistic to expect ourselves to never have a bad day. Rather, we need to anticipate and make a daily choice to cultivate emotions of the highest level such as gratitude, appreciation, and joy. These feelings make us feel confident, weightless and free. Here are a few suggestions on how to raise your vibration on a daily basis. 

Please note- vibrational energy and the law of attraction can often be associated with spirituality. You do not need to be spiritual or religious or have a faith based practice to make a choice to feel good, which is why my suggestions are suitable to everyone!

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Daily Practices that will Raise Your Vibration


Is there anything more rewarding than hearing your favourite song on a playlist or the radio? I dare you not to sing along! Just like humming, singing creates a physical vibration in your body. Allow your voice to be the way you choose to release suppressed opinions or any difficulties communicating. Choosing to sing is a statement of enjoyment, which connects you with the present moment. It is here that the highest vibrational energy is available to you. The future and the past can hold low vibes, such as anxiety or regret. So, choose now and sing loud! 


It has been well documented that physical exercise aids in improving and maintaining one’s mental health. Movement of any type is a means to reorganize your internal energy. When we remain dormant for too long, particularly in periods of stress or uncertainty, lower level energy within us begins to settle, adhere to itself, and grow. 

Introducing any movement (yoga, running, dancing, etc) will stir the energy within. Movement causes negativity to break apart and create room for an infusion of good vibes. Our bodies intuitively want to move. Denying this natural instinct sends a negative message to your physical being. Your movements do not have to be vigorous, they just need to send a positive communication that you are honouring your body and are not allowing low vibrations to consume you.


Gratitude produces one of the highest vibrational energies. When we invite gratitude into our life we welcome an abundance of many varieties. Gratitude promotes contentment with the present moment. Energies of desperation and striving breed fear, anxiety and disappointment. Saying yes to gratitude instills an energy of appreciation for all we have. Aligning with gratefulness releases what is no longer serving us by proactively replacing low-level vibrations. We prove to ourselves that there is good in our life. Reaching for gratitude can be difficult on certain days, but making an effort will conquer lower level feelings. 

Everyday write down a few things that you are grateful for. Use a journal, daily planner or word document on your computer. Keeping a gratitude journal therefore becomes a tool for combating any dominating negativity. Simply re-reading your statements of appreciation is a highly effective exercise in raising your vibration. 

It’s Good To Feel Good

Thinking of yourself as an energetic being who exists beyond physicality can be a complex introspective process. Simply stated, the law of attraction promotes that it is good to feel good. We have the ability to make this choice by engaging in actions that will raise our vibration. Making a subtle shift in your life by integrating the above practices will set you on a path to vibrating higher. Be clear about how you want to feel and truly feel it. Dwell in joy, gratitude, appreciation, contentment and the present moment. 

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When you find yourself savouring these moments, share them on social media and inspire someone else to do the same! And don’t forget to use a clever hashtag!  #vibratehigher 

By: Cheryl Tobin

Cheryl is the author of the blog Spiritually Premeditated. She describes herself as a spiritual enthusiast, meditation practitioner, and a wannabe morning person. She relies heavily on coffee and oracle cards to get through the day. 





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