Eco Products – The Way Forward? EcoFeminii Review

August 16, 2020

Hi guys, hope you are all well? I was over the moon when Lucy from EcoFeminii got in touch, as their products just screamed me. I am one who hates wastage, and throwing things away after one use, things should have a second purpose right? Here is my opinion on the products EcoFeminii have to offer, and we answer the question of whether eco-friendly products really are the way forward.

Here is a excerpt from the EcoFeminii website:

“So, we set out on developing each of our products based on existing, effective products on the market, but with a twist – reducing and often completely eliminating plastic waste. This has been our mission since the start, and we hope to keep expanding to design and develop more products that help both you and I to reduce our waste, and protect our environment.”

EcoFeminii Oil Control Blotting Papers – £3.99

I have to say, this is a life saver. As a glasses wearer, I get the oiliest t-zone while having dry cheeks and chin. As you can imagine, makeup wearing and hot days calls for a lot of blotting. This is the perfect size to simply pop into a purse and use when necessary, without taking off any powdered areas.

EcoFeminii Acne Sticker Patches – £4.99

I was so excited to try these. Hormone cycles + grieving + lockdown has left me breaking out like a madman. I was hesitant to use these at first though, as I always have a feeling I would wake up and I’d have a bigger problem to deal with than the night before. The patches themselves are assorted sizes, perfect for all issues, big and small. Surprisingly, even with my constant teeth grinding and some occasional talking, the patch did not move AT ALL, clinging to my under the skin spots perfectly. I woke up to a dramatically less swollen spot and a hell of a lot less redness. To be honest, I cannot wait to try these on my back in those hard to reach areas and see how they perform!

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EcoFeminii 10 Reusable Cotton/Bamboo Fibre Facial Makeup Remover & Cleansing Pads – £6.99

Although not as soft as my usual cotton pads, I love how these do not disintegrate on my face. These are sturdy enough to clean my whole face, and I love the fact that they are reusable! These come in packs of 10, as well as a washable cotton bag – so handy and enough to last the week! Once I start leaving the house more I can imagine these becoming a huge saviour.

Overall opinion

To be quite honest, I thought the products would have been way more pricey. Considering these products do not need to be replaced as much as their disposable alternatives, I would have believed that these would cost a mini fortune. Yet, for what is being offered there is more than value of money, without the guilt of wastage after a single use.

Are Eco products the way forward?

To an extent yes. I am definitely one for minimalism, finding myself clearing out unwanted items by the day. Items like these, which bring simplicity to your day, as well as keeping the bins emptier can only do good (as well as helping with daily issues). This is more than the way forward, and supporting small and local businesses will surely enrich our lives for the better.

*These products were kindly gifted but all opinions are honest and my own*

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