Going Self-Hosted with Blogerize

November 24, 2019

Hey guys! After nearly 5 years of blogging, (yes it shocks me too!) I have been so conflicted about taking the final step into making this a tad more than a hobby and going self-hosted. Obviously it does cost, so therefore it needed a thorough thinking through – do I need the additional extras that are on offer? However, when Olivia from Blogerize came along it made my answer a lot clearer.

*This post is in Collaboration with Blogerize*

What is a self-hosted account then?

According to WP Migrations:

“Self-hosted WordPress is simply taking the WordPress software and installing it on your own host. This means you get full access to all the features and functionalities of WordPress which would otherwise require increasingly expensive paid subscriptions on WordPress.com. The 2 most important features of going Self-hosted are that you are able to use custom designs and plugins!”

I got an email from the Blogerize team just over a month ago, with an introduction to themselves as a brand – “helping new and established bloggers to improve their blog and offer some great learning material for that purpose.” They were also looking for a select number of bloggers to take part in a “Blog-makeover”. This is something I have been considering for months, as I have felt for quite a while that I have outgrown my blog and it’s not as fit for purpose anymore.

Blogerize offered to come up with a custom design (without a commitment at the end), just simply asking for a broad description of the direction I wanted the new layout to take (whether I wanted it text heavy or image heavy, accessibility, colour scheme etc..). Blogerize also offered a free training platform for bloggers (available to everyone), helping break down some of the behind the scenes aspects of blogging.

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3 days later I had a prototype design, that just simply needed to be put into place, which Blogerize kindly offered to do, and could be edited and altered however I saw fit. The only issue is for custom designs to be implemented, the blog needed to be self-hosted, hence the decision was made. Olivia mentioned Siteground as the number one option, although many others are available. This cost me Β£43 for the year, which is a lot cheaper than doing this through wordpress.

As soon as Blogerize got hold of all the data that was required, the migration was planned into the calendar and ready to go. Migrating when you have no idea what you are doing is beyond difficult, so word of advice, leave it to the professionals. 3 days later, everything was fully set up and ready for me to take over again. I was always concerned that I would not be able to use my blog while this was taking place, but the site itself was only down for 3 hours when the domain was being transferred over (I did this bit myself).

I was absolutely astonished by the service and the amount of additional help provided, especially as I was stressing about everything not working and losing everything! I’ll be honest, out of all of this provided to me, Blogerize only asked for a 20-30 word testimonial on their site, but they deserve so much more! Not only was the pressure of doing the migration taken away but I now have an amazing custom site, and an online course to help develop my blog.

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Please do check Blogerize out, especially if you are considering starting a blog (which they help with), going self hosted or optimising your site.




*This post is in Collaboration with Blogerize, however all opinions are honest and my own*
  • Reply
    Jaya Avendel
    November 27, 2019 at 9:10 pm

    I have never heard of Blogerize but self-hosting is something I want to switch to; I value flexibility and currently feel a little trapped, even with all the theme-stretching I am doing.

    • Reply
      Sophia Patel
      December 7, 2019 at 12:25 pm

      I completely understand, nothing worse than feeling like you are closed off in terms of freedom and creativity.

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