My Favourite Things About Halloween: A Mega Collaboration

October 27, 2019

Hi everyone! I love Halloween, it’s just an occasion to let your hair down and have fun. From scary films, to pumpkin carving, to dressing up over the top, its all just a bit of fun. My favourite thing about Halloween oddly enough is this time of year, the fires, baked goods, leaves falling off the trees, hot chocolates and marshmallows, jacket and scarf weather, it’s all just cosy. This year, to get into the Halloween Spirit, I have collaborated with some amazing bloggers to list their favourite things about Halloween! Feel free to check their blogs out, they’re all lovely!


Jo writes the blog My Anxious Life, where she talks with honesty and humour about her personal experiences with mental ill health, and her journey towards self-development, wellness and happiness.

Me and pumpkin biscuitPumpkins in a row

I’ve always loved Halloween (and all things horror-related!), but as a child I could never really get stuck in as my parents weren’t keen. My favourite thing about Halloween now, having my own children, is being able to fully embrace it in all its spooky glory! 

We go to a local farm and pick pumpkins to carve, make creepy treats, dress up, go trick or treating and put up decorations – this year my husband and sons have even undertaken a project to make their own spooky spectre (it’s great, except there’s plaster of paris, chicken wire and pipe offcuts all over my house…)

And being a bit of a sentimental thing, I absolutely love turning out the lights, grabbing a blanket and watching all my favourite childhood scary movies with them. My 4 year old asking to watch Hocus Pocus has to be one of my proudest mothering achievements!!   

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 Sylwia from Paper Sounds

I didn’t celebrate much Halloween, nor it is celebrated in my country (Poland) until very recent years. We usually bring candles to the cemeteries on the Day of the Deads instead. That is a chilling and very Halloween-like atmosphere though, just not held on 31st of October but on 2nd of November. I mostly discovered the true Halloween experience when I started travelling (which is what me and Gianluca do on PaperSounds). I personally love the fantasy outfits worn for Halloween (big fantasy lovers here!) and do plan to properly celebrate at least once with one of those. And pumpkins. Love pumpkins too. We have often not only the big, orange, ones but also the longer, yellowish ones and a bunch of strangely shaped, green/white/yellow types too. Pumpkins are definitely the first meaning of Halloween for me.


“L” from Franglais27 Tales


When I think of Hallowe’en I conjure up images of pumpkins and conkers and roaring fires. So, one of my favourite things to do over Hallowe’en, whilst avoiding any trick or treaters, is to discover which horror films may be on and either watch them at a local cinema or else from the comfort of my living room where it will be cosy. There is nothing quite like jumping out of your skin at the sound of every random door creaking  or heavy footsteps on floorboards and some of my favourite films that do this effectively are within the Japanese horror genre such as The Ring. For me, it doesn’t entirely feel like Hallowe’en without a horror film to watch in the dark!

Jen from Diffusing the Tension

There are a few things I love about Halloween! I love seeing my kids get excited about the costumes and trick or treating. They talk about it for weeks ahead of time! I also love the excuse to allow myself to feel lighthearted. That’s not always easy when you have depression. The thing I love most? Any holiday that involves creating traditions with the kiddos/husband! We love trick or treating then snuggling up with a good Halloween related movie.
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Sophie from girl vs world

What’s not to love about Halloween? I mean, ‘Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.’ Okay, just kidding.. That’s not the only reason I love Halloween…

Is it childish that I, as a 21 year old, still get so excited for Halloween night every year? Of course I don’t go trick or treating anymore (I wish I could!) but I love opening the door to excited kids in their witch costumes eagerly waiting for some sweets. Is there anything cuter?

Not to mention the Halloween films. I’m not usually a horror lover, but it’s against the rules to not cuddle up in front of fire with a scary film on during Halloween. There’s just something so cosy about lighting your pumpkin and hiding behind the blanket whilst watching a scary film – am I weird?…

However much fun trick or treating and horror films are during Halloween, I think it’s safe to say that nothing beats decorating the exterior & interior of your house. Heading over to ASDA to buy spooky banners and spending a day pumpkin picking in preparation for decorating is so much fun.

I’m so excited for Halloween, but also so sad that once the day is over I have to wait a whole year for it to come round again! Halloween is like Christmas to me..

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Em’s Mixed Bag

Hello, I’m Em, and I write a little lifestyle blog pretty much about everything and anything! I’m proud 31 year old making her way through life by travelling the world, eating my way through as much delicious food as possible and drinking a lot of prosecco while trying to plan my wedding, pretty normal right?! 


What’s my favourite part of Halloween? The dressing up has to be up there! Any excuse to dress ridiculously, or even sexier than would normally be acceptable then I am all over it! My usual go-to outfits are cats, devils, or my proud moment of actually being able to reenact Zip Face that I had found on Instagram (you really don’t know how hard it is to find a suitable zip for your face unless you’ve attempted it). Not only that, I actually love the transition from Autumn to Winter and I think Halloween is a sign of this, closely followed by my absolute favourite night of the year – Bonfire Night!

I would love to connect with new people so please do come and say ‘Heyyyy’ on Instagram or Twitter 🙂

Katy Mackenzie from Something Different 

From a young age, I have loved dressing up and being something/someone else for the day. Trick or treating was my favourite thing to do. Seeing everyone enjoy being in costume made me super happy. Now that i’m older and I have developed a love for makeup, I love creating new things and with Halloween, i can be as creative and gory as I want to be. It’s all about expressing yourself and I think that is one of the best things.
I remember my parents used to go all out for kids on Halloween. A couple of days before the day we would go shopping and buy many bags of sweets and sandwich bags. We would make little pick-n-mix kind of bags so everyone gets something different and not just one thing. It was so sweet and I know why they did it now. They just didn’t want to give a kid one sweet they may not like, they got a little bag of treats. Being a fat kid, I always loved when we didn’t get many trick-or-treaters because I could have some!
I love seeing all the different looks on Halloween and things that people create because everyone is so talented! It’s a time for pumpkins, ghouls and now, an excuse to have a party!
I run Something Different, a lifestyle and beauty blog in the Midlands of the UK! I also dabble in bullet journalling and wellbeing!
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Hiya, it’s Ashley from, well, hiyaitsashley! My blog is a Scottish lifestyle blog and I’ve been invited by the lovely Sophia to write a bit about why I love Halloween!
I’ve always been a huge fan of Halloween, ever since I was a little girl. I would love to say that back then it was all about the candy, but even then, it wasn’t. I’ve always been someone who is obsessed with all thing spooky 365 days a year, not just on Halloween. Some of my favourite topics to learn about are crime and serial killers, because I find the inner workings of their brains fascinating. I also love anything paranormal, a good conspiracy or just plain creepy. So naturally, that makes Halloween my favourite holiday, ever! I like Halloween because everyone embraces the scary and who doesn’t like being a little bit scared sometimes?
At Halloween, everyone is so creative and that makes me really happy, the fact that reaches so many areas. Everything from lifestyle and home interiors, to make up looks to food and drinks, everything is bitten by the Halloween vampire bug. Last year I was feeling really inspired by all of the Halloween going on around me that I did Halloweek on my blog, where I did everything from a Halloween ‘must watch’ list to my own take on some homemade Halloween party treats and even a blogger’s guide to Halloween, for any of my fellow blogger friends who were finding it hard to get in a spooky mood.
Plus, Halloween is such a social holiday, don’t you think? Whether you’re in it for the spooks, or just for an excuse to dress up silly and get a good laugh at your own and other people’s expense, it’s such a social holiday. There are always cinemas, shops, workplaces even schools getting involved! I started planning for Halloween 2019 back at the end of September, and so far I’ve settled on either Prince or Freddie Mercury, so, if you want to keep up with my general spooky vibes you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram for updates on that, or head over to my blog hiyaitsashley to catch up on my old spooky posts, or see this years ones!
Shanon D’Souza from wanderingstylishly

One of my favourite things about Halloween is a good Halloween party. October 31st is coming up and it’s the perfect time to have a Halloween party if you’re too old to go trick or treating and don’t enjoy the fuss of dressing up in costumes. 

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3 Halloween party ideas that guarantee a spooktacular time:
#1  Theme

This goes without saying that your theme needs to be scary and spooky in keeping with the Halloween spirit however, ensure that there is consistency from doorstep to dancefloor. 

Theme ideas:

  • Scary movie night – You could keep it simple, budget friendly and intimate and host a movie night for your close friends.
  • Masquerade party – Taking it up a notch you could plan a themed masquerade party for your guests with fun Halloween games such as a scary treasure hunt, a murder mystery or ‘magic potion drinks’ you can serve. 
  • The witching hour – Happy hour but with a Halloween twist. 

#2 Spooky entrance

You could also have a scary skeleton, some spooky sound effects or a prerecorded track in your hallway or corridor. You can also add some fake mirrors [you can get these on Amazon] or DIY by taking old mirrors and creating a haunted mirror [check out YouTube tutorials]. 
#3 The scare is in the punch 

Have an assortment of snacks and drinks with a Halloween twist. Following the magic potion drinks, you could even have little labels on drinks such as ‘love potion’, ‘sleeping potion’ and ‘dance potion’ that could be exciting. Another easy way to add some mystery and excitement to the party is to have dry ice in punch bowls or a carved pumpkin to give off a truly spooky Halloween vibe. 

By Shanon D’Souza from [Lifestyle blogger who blogs about fashion, my travels and things that generally catch my eye. I am fairly new to the blogging world so I will be curating new content in the next few months].


I’ve always been drawn to scary things: stories about ghosts and monsters, monster-themed toys and games, horror comedies, and slasher movies. And while I grew up loving Christmas like most kids, Halloween has long surpassed Christmas as my favorite holiday. It provides its promised excitement without that burden of obligations required to “do it right.” 

Halloween takes over my October in a welcoming, distracting way rather than a stressful and depressing one. That endorphin rush of feeling scared without any actual threat is like a roller coaster ride that brings excitement to your mundane day-to-day life.

Halloween was traditionally celebrated as the end of summer and the completion of the harvest season, and it still feels that way. Fall is now in full swing here in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. The leaves are changing, it’s getting dark earlier, and the days are colder.

Cook outs and barbecued dinners are replaced with soups and meats that roast for hours in the oven or simmer on the stovetop. Fruit bowls are filled with apples and pears instead of melons and berries. The color palette is full of bold colors: dark reds, deep oranges, and golden yellows giving way to pink and purple sunsets followed by pitch black windy nights. 

Going out on Halloween is like one last outdoor party before we all hibernate for the winter. As a kid, it was so much fun to put on a costume, collect candy, and walk the streets with your friends and family, catching up with the neighbors you haven’t seen since last Halloween and running to the houses that you knew gave out the best stuff. It was about making Halloween pictures and marching in the Halloween parade at school. It was about spending the month of November pigging out on candy, chips, and Little Hugs. 

I love watching the neighborhood come alive as we decorate our homes with orange, green, and purple lights and set out ghosts, witches, and monsters in the yards. Costumed kids roam the streets in packs collecting candy while adults get ready for parties or watch horror movies in their dark living rooms. 

October 31st always feels like Halloween because if you love it, you will feel it. Whether it’s warm and clear, dark and stormy, or cold and snowy, it fits. The excitement has been building all month. There is a lot to do without the obligation of having to do it all.  From trips to the farm to haunted houses to Halloween parties or just a night in making candy apples and watching horror movies, it’s the culmination of atmosphere, excitement, and low-key traditions that makes Halloween my favorite time of the year. 

Laura Smith is an author, blogger, and freelance writer from Pittsburgh, PA. Her blog, Laura’s Books and Blogs, is a multi-niche blog where she posts writing tips, essays, travel posts, guest posts, contests, giveaways, writing tools, calls for submissions, and more. You can find it at



Yade from Read & Create 

What is my blog about? Well, is all about books and reading; sometimes I write about other topics but is mostly books and bookish. I hope that gives you an idea of what you might find. Now, let’s get to what we all came here for, talk about Halloween thanks to Sophia.

I like Halloween because of the dark themes in almost everything, from books to movies and TV shows you can witness how the themes vary as the dates get closer to Halloween. I love watching the Halloween décor in stores and in pictures since in my country there aren’t much Halloween décor in the streets and/or houses. I like how it feels just right to just pick up a creepy, mysterious, dark, suspense book because the atmosphere is like that. But the thing I love and enjoy the most about this Holliday are the movies and the TV show’s specials. Movies like Hocus Pocus and everything Tim Burton have done makes me feel the atmosphere of the fall, the scares (without being scary), the dark themes and even the appreciation for Halloween. And the Halloween specials of TV shows and series! I mean, the old episodes of DWTS with the group dances and the creepy ambiance… I LOVE THEM! And, maybe the lamest ones, the Halloween episodes of Pretty Little Liars always makes me feel a little creeped out. Anyway, I enjoy this time of the year, and those are the main reasons I do. Hope we share something about our liking of Halloween! And thank, Sophia, for giving me the opportunity to participate here! Take care everyone.

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My favorite thing about Halloween is decorating the house! I really enjoy digging out all of the window stickers (and purchasing a bunch of new ones) then letting the family go around and design different windows in the house! Window decorations aren’t something we have up any other time of the year, apart from times when holidays are nearby. We put bunting up in doorways, spiderwebs in others, and start putting skeletons, bats, spiders, etc up on the walls. We add little decorations to tables and surfaces, this year we went with adorable Pokemon sticking out of Jack-o-lanterns that seem to get moved each week, but still look cute wherever they are.  Adding all of the decorations to the house makes it feel new and fresh and seasonal. It’s not as much effort as a big re-design of a room, but instead adds new aspects to each area. I quite like the change the house has to a new look just for the season, before changing to normal and then to Christmas!
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Hannah from FourFoxSake 

As a child, one of our summer traditions was to visit our local ‘pick your own’ farm for a ride on the tractor and to pick huge punnets of plump juicy strawberries. It’s a summertime tradition I’ve kept up with my own 4 children.

So when a pumpkin patch opened up locally this weekend, of course we couldn’t wait to give it a go!

My eldest two children would rather spend their Sunday mornings in bed than traipsing through muddy fields with their Mum and their slightly loud sisters, but the youngest two couldn’t wait to welly-up and go and pick their pumpkins ready for Halloween.

We always have a pumpkin each to carve, which go on our doorstep with candles inside on Halloween night -the unspoken rule around here for  houses that are happy to receive trick or treaters.

We were expecting to find a field full of the usual orange pumpkins that appear in supermarkets at this time of year, but we were blown away by how many different varieties there were.

I set the girls a challenge to see who could find 5 different and unusual pumpkins. The girls grabbed  a wheelbarrow each and off they went, charging around the field searching high and low for their pumpkins. They didn’t disappoint!

Our pumpkin family are now sat on our fireplace patiently waiting for Halloween when they will be lovingly carved, and their insides turned into our traditional Halloween dinner – pumpkin soup, followed by spiced pumpkin cake (like carrot cake, but so much nicer).

Predictably, both teenagers wished they had come after all, so maybe next year I’ll have all 4 of them pushing wheelbarrows through the mud, laughing, slipping and sliding all over the place and making wonderful memories. And maybe next year I’ll get Joe to push his sisters through the mud, because I’ve woken up today with the worst back ache. But let’s face it, no outing would be a Fox family outing without making me say FFS at some point!

A little about me: I’m Hannah, single  parent to Joe (18) Jess (17) Emily (10) and Ruby (8) who I lovingly refer to as my collection of sleep thieves. I often have what I think are  great ideas which usually become disasters and have me shouting FFS!. My blog is essentially a collection of parenting mishaps that I hope will make you laugh, and make you feel like you’re not alone whilst travelling through the scariest hood in the world.. parenthood.


Vikram from Food Brews & Views

Food Brews & Views

Hi Vikram here, I travel around Europe and write about food and culture. Follow my journey. 



Halloween In Prague 

Halloween in the Czech Republic is very similar to the Easter here( Easter In Prague ), by which I mean it freaking weird. 

Contrary to the actual date here in the Czech Republic we celebrate Halloween on 2nd of the November, and instead of children dressing up in costumes and going around for candy, the grownups do. 

The guys dress up as the devil and go from one village to the other and with them they carry willow tree branches bundled together for the sole purpose of spanking the girls. 

Now before you flip out, yes it is weird and no they don’t crazy with the spank its just a traditional touch if you will. This is the weird part, the girls in return give them chocolates and alcohol, now you can flip out. 

It is all very funny though and no one gets hurt, its just a weird tradition. 


Kim from Chimmyville

Hi there, my name is Kim and I’m a lifestyle blogger from The Cotswolds. I write about my life, travels, well being and some foodie posts too.

My favourite thing about Halloween is spending time with my family. We’ve always loved the holiday and I have fond memories of trick or treating with my mum and sister, carving pumpkins with my dad, and even coming up with dance routines to Halloween favourites like Ghostbusters and The Monster Mash. As we’ve gotten older we often go to Halloween parties together and come up with family costumes (like The Addams Family), and sit down for a horror movie night with Halloween themed treats.

My socials are;
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Jess from Babi a Fi 

Halloween is a time of joy, that creepy crawly feel of excitement in your gut that only comes with the prospect of too much sugar and shop aisles full of discounted kitsch. When I was a kid – back in the time of the dinosaurs if you ask my own – Halloween wasn’t really a big deal here, not when we were so hung up on burning human effigies on a bonfire a few days later. I mean, sure, you had a cheap plastic mask to wear, and a few neighbours’ doors to knock on, but as a mini horror fanatic I would sit watching cheesy US Halloween specials with ill disguised envy. When I grew up, I vowed, my house too would look like a shrine to the creepy and the kooky.
I collected plastic skulls and rubber bats. Groaning ghouls and shrieking spectres. I practiced elaborate gore themed canapes, and put together movie playlists, and longed for the day when I had a minion of my own to really test it all out on. Then Marianna came along and hated everything related to the big day (night). No ghosts, no witches, no full size skeletons emerging from the ground in the front garden… Maybe it will change in the years to come but, for now, we’ve reached a compromise. I still get to have all the decorations: they just have to be in miniature!
Blog Blurb: History Nut, Doll Collector, Fandom Nerd. Catch me blogging about life, love, the universe and everything at Babi a Fi (Baby and Me)
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Lottie from

My name is Lottie, a 17 year old blogger from the UK who runs I post about witchcraft, mental health, and pretty much anything that interests me!

Halloween or Samhain is a brilliant time for change as it marks the transition from the light half of the year into the dark half of the year. This is the time of the year for getting rid of weakness, and is extremely empowering. For me, it is a time for big changes, and isn’t dissimilar to the concept of new years resolutions.

Besides the symbolism of Samhain, I really enjoy experimenting with makeup and wearing nightmare before Christmas themed socks that may not be socially acceptable at other times of the year.

I also really enjoy any excuse to dive deep into conspiracy theories and absolutely scare myself, so I appreciate all the spooky videos that suddenly become available on Youtube around this time of year. 🙂

Lottie (



Discord: Effloresia#8508

Twitter: @effloresia

This post has taken a long time to construct and coordinate, but I just want to thank each and every blogger for being involved! Hopefully its got you all into the Halloween Spirit!

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    I love halloween for all these reasons and more! It’s such a fun holiday with some much creativity built into it!! Great post!

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