How My life Has Changed During Lockdown: Views of a Furloughed Worker

September 9, 2020

Hi guys! Today we welcome Ashleigh from The Ashmosphere discussing her experiences and life in lockdown, so without further ado I’ll pass you over:

Well, what a year 2020 has turned out to be. Could anyone honestly say they could’ve predicted this? In what was going to be ‘my year’, I’ve had to dramatically reassess my goals and make them more a little more attainable in these ‘strange and uncertain times’.

furloughed worker in lockdown

The one thing that struck me during lockdown was this was the first time in my life since childhood that I didn’t have something to work towards, especially now as a furloughed worker. 13 years of schooling, four years of university, work and plenty of extracurricular hobbies to go in between and now for the first time I have found myself with nothing to do and a wide open. 

Much like sick days in school, the novelty wore off quick. For the first few days, the world was my oyster and then the walls started to close in. I missed the routine, I missed the structure and most of all I missed the company. With my partner classed as a key worker, I spent the majority of my time fundamentally alone  – the highlight of my week was the weekly food shop when I could speak to a shop assistant. 

Rather than be scared of what was happening outside my front door, it was time for a change of mindset. Being a furloughed worker gave me an abundance of free time, the likes of which I will never see in my life again. Time to work on me! 

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Revisiting old hobbies, discovering new ones and developing my skills – lockdown was an opportunity for personal growth. 

gaelic - isle of harris

One passtime I’m particularly proud of is starting to learn gaelic. My family all hail from the Isle of Harris and Gaelic is their first language. To be the first generation not to speak the language in any capacity felt like such a desperately sad thing…

Mar sin seo tha mi ag ionnsachadh gàidhlig, an cànan màthaireil mo teaghlach (So here I am learning Gaelic, my family’s mother tongue). I took it upon myself to set aside an hour each day to learn. Learning gaelic during this pandemic has been comforting in some ways as it’s allowed me to feel closer to my family despite the distance between us and especially in what has been quite an isolating time.

Another proud moment for me during Lockdown is the launch of my Etsy shop – The Ashmosphere Crafts. The Ashmosphere Crafts is my Scottish-based Etsy shop where I sell handmade knitwear, accessories and crafts. Specialising in small knitted accessories, babywear and embroidery hoops, The Ashmosphere Crafts Etsy shop is a place for me to showcase some of the skills I have been working on.

life in lockdown the ashmosphere crafts

Whilst lockdown has inevitably been tough for a lot of people, myself included, it has given me some much needed time to reflect. I guess you could say my feelings towards lockdown have been mixed and bittersweet. 

It’s been scary and uncertain; things are falling apart, the world is on fire and people are dying. But at the same time it’s been a joy to see people online discover new passions and skills. Who knew bread making would make a comeback? And personally, I’ve enjoyed the time to become reacquainted with myself and I’ve regained a little bit of confidence that I lost along the way as adulthood kicked my ass. 

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2020 has been an absolute car crash, on that we can all agree. We don’t know what the rest of the year is going to look like but at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if an alien invasion took place. In the meantime, let’s just make sure to wear our masks, socially distance and look out for one another. 

How have you been spending your time during lockdown? Did you become a furloughed worker?

About the Writer:

Ashleigh, behind The Ashmosphere, is a 26-yo Marketing Executive from Scotland. She writes about an array of topics including lifestyle, crafts and food.

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