Make The Most of Covid: 30+ Items To Add To Your Lockdown Blogging Checklist!

April 16, 2020

Hey guys! This far into lockdown, I am sure you are getting concerned about what to do with your time. For me, not having things to do drives me nuts! Finding the motivation to write a blog post when everything is getting you down can be tough. Writer’s block is surely a thing. When problems like these arise, it is important to focus on other aspects of your blog to help get you back into the spirit again! Here is some inspiration towards filling up your Lockdown Blogging Checklist!


  • Schedule as many posts as possible – every time you feel inspired – write! This will help during those times you are simply not in the mood.
  • Finish blog drafts
  • Work on SEO Optimisation – ensure that every post has enough keywords as well as inbound and outbound links
  • Update plugins, and clear any that you no longer need
  • Speed up your site as much as possible
  • Catch up on blog comments
  • Change your theme to better suit your niche
  • Make sure all contact forms are working
  • Go through emails and clear out blogger spam
  • Make sure all pages on your blog are working
  • Purchase E-books and up your blogging game
  • Investigate blog monetization and how you can make a blogging profit
  • Engage in writing guest posts
  • Work on ways to increase your backlinks
  • Give yourself time to fall in love with blogging again! Carry around a notepad and just make a note of ideas when they come along!
lockdown blogging checklist


  • Join an engagement group
  • Try to follow more bloggers – set yourself a daily target
  • Schedule schedule schedule
  • Re-work the hashtags you use on your posts
  • Change your instagram theme
  • Change your presets
  • Comment on more posts – again set a daily target
  • Work on engagement
  • Try to add to story more – set a daily target
  • Unfollow inactive accounts – DO NOT USE A THIRD-PARTY APP
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  • Engage with other bloggers
  • Friday follow
  • Comment threads
  • Blogger RT accounts – remember to add their hashtags when tweeting
  • Link to your bloglovin account
  • Tweet target – use a scheduling app to make sure you remain active (I use Hootsuite for Twitter and Tailwind for Pinterest)
  • Use it as a platform to meet more bloggers
  • Share content of others


  • Change up the apps you use
  • Finally use photos that you never got around to
  • Practice doing flatlays
  • Collect blogger props
  • Prepare photos for when the lockdown is over
  • Work with different fabrics and materials
  • Find the best light sources

What would add to this Lockdown Blogging Checklist? Comment below!

30+ blogger checklist lockdown

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